Does anyone compost leaves for profit?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by lawnsaspire, Sep 12, 2013.

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    I have gone back and read several threads on this, but none really clued me in on how individuals went about doing this or if they have had success with it. Currently I have a leaf/pine needle pile that I've been dumping on for a couple of years each fall on one side of my vegetable garden. I mulch most of customer's leaves, but those I don't I dump there. I haven't really dug into it that much or tried to turn it, but I did dig a little out and tilled it into the garden this spring. I noticed it was breaking down nicely. Do any of you do this and make profit from the soil? I am always having people ask me where they can get dirt, and the only place to refer them are the local nurseries which sell it at an arm and a leg per cubic yard. Just wondering if any of you have had success with this and how you go about offering it for profit? Thanks!
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    It takes turning the pile for the correct mixture of moisture and air to do a good job... I've read the success stories of a few individuals that turned huge piles of leaves with a bobcat/skidster while keeping it watered... The piles really should heat up and cook down quickly to kill weeds seeds and pathogens in order for commercial sales...
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    I tried to get into that this year by advertising it on my monthly bills. So far haven't received a single call...only time I sold alittle was when a client had me clean out their vegetable garden and I hit them up for some new top soil Plus I never really knew what to charge when I ever do get that call
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    I purchased a large pile and sell it for $30/yd.,,, but use it for small seeding jobs at $2/bucket...
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    One thing to consider is EPA regulations for that type of service.

    There is a lot of hurdles to comply.


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