Does anyone do any Home Depots?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Runner, Nov 29, 2001.

  1. Runner

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    Is there anyone here who does, has ever done, or who has ever bidded a Home Depot? I know there was a thread on here (or so I thought!) because we also talked about Walmart and Lowe's, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Anyway, they have built two more right close to me, to make a total of three, within 15 minutes of my base. The two new ones just opened yesterday, and are all hydroseeded. The parking areas are huge. Good plowing contract(s). I'd also like to include the lot sweep in my proposals. Anyone dealt with this corporation yet, or before? Thanks.
  2. Got Grass?

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    I have not personally delt with Home Depot, but a company I supervised a coupld years ago did 3 of them now 5.

    It can be a real pain in the rear dealing with them.
    Reasons are.
    Everything in the store goes to a store manager, then a district manager, then a regional, then the head Home Depot office, that is located in the south somewhere that gets no snow.
    All thier plowing contracts have a 2 inch trigger, require salting, and have 3-5 pages detaling what is suposed to be done, based on information provided from the main location in the south. Rarly are there any complaints about the service as the local people know its screwed up and cant always be done to specks. Any damage you may do such as curbs you will have to fix, Also hope someone dosnt loose a 2x4 in the snow or drop a few nails/screws on the way out. That can really ruin your night.

    Upon arrival for any outside contractors, you have to go to the back office (usually next to the bathrooms) and hope thay can find a manager who can sign you in thier book. Includes time, signature, date, and what you will be doing. When its time to leave same thing and get a reciept. and hope your check from HQ arrives in the mail on time.

    As for lawn maintenance, its real pain in the a$$ as same thing with sign in/out. Trimming is usually 1-2x a year, all stone bed here as well. For cutting you will have thoes sheds to trim arround. and in back there are always pallets to go arround open bags of fert/sand/concreat to try and avoid or run over. You will constantly run over pallet transport metal or plastic tie down strips hiding in the grass.

    As for parking lot maint. thay clean it up 2x a year with a road cleaner service.

    Personally I would NEVER attempt servicing a Home Depot, as you dont get any bennifets (no deals on buying things). MUCHO wear & tear on equipment, expect to drive back to shop and clean off when done. also carry a few cans of fix a flat with you becasue I was garanteed a flat almost every time I was there from nails and other junk hiding in lawn. The sign in sign out thing is a real pain as you can expect to wait 5-20 mins for the correct manager to get to the office.

    Thay will only let bigger well established companys service there with multi year contracts.
  3. John Allin

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    We do a half dozen of them year round. Got Grass is right about the parameters, but we don't feel it's all that bad. And, we get paid in 45 days.
  4. Got Grass?

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    John, Yeah, it really depends on the stores location, the city stores were always the worst. You must have the better ones where thay actually care.

    I tried talking to the store manager and showed him the mess and he was going to bring it up in the stores meetings. Not sure if anything got changed.

    For plowing with pushers ya dont have to worry about screws as much just thoes darned gutter spikes :rolleyes:

    I wasnt sure about how much he got payed altho he complained a lot, but yet didnt want me shreading to many papers and McDonalds bags.
  5. Runner

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    John, do you have to contend with that sign in-sign out thing, too?
  6. bmh1202

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    Haven't done any Depot's, but have done a couple of Lowes stores. I haven't had any major prolems with them. I spend more time cleaning up garbage-wrap,pallets than I do mowing. They pay once a month.
  7. John Allin

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    10-4 on the signing thing.
  8. Runner

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    Wow, that kind of puts a bind in things. 15-20 minutes here, then again to leave. The snow plowing is really what kind of intimidates me. That would have to be subbed, as it's beyond my capacity. I was told they want to see some big equipment out there. I was thinking maybe I could just turn that over to an excavator. No competition then. Any ideas or thoughts?

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