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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DaveinVa, Mar 8, 2001.

  1. DaveinVa

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    Esteemed Forum Members: I'm curious as to whether any of you guys do or have done this?......We have elected to use enclosed trailers - so I took delivery of my two new wells cargo trailers yesterday and have them in the shop being lettered with our Name, Phone Number, slogan and so forth on both sides as well as the rear. I have arranged with our largest high traffic medical facilities who have contracted with us for the upcoming season to allow us to park these trailers at their locations whenever we want to obtain some advertising exposure........if it works....I'll let you know - if it doesn't - all I've spent is some bucks on lettering that I would have wanted anyway.........does anyone on here do this?
    Dave Roberts
    Rite Way Lawn Care
    a division of
    Rite Way Janitorial Service
  2. Greenkeepers

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    Any way to get your name out there will help. We don't have our enclosed trailer lettered yet but that is a good billboard. Especially if the Dr.'s don't mind. I know I always drive a lettered truck to go out to dinner or whatever. It's better than sitting in the shop....
  3. HOMER

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    I have an open trailer...........that needs a paint job! It has 4 tires, they are all different sizes. It has 4 rims, two are white, two are black, but at least they match side to side! I don't even have signs on my truck. Sounds like you got a good idea. I bet you would get more looks than I would at this point.

    All that stuff I was going to get done over the too busy to even think about it.
    I guess thats a good thing though! :D
  4. geogunn

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    your idea on exposure is good but are you talking about leaving the trailers there when people are not working there? if you are, I hope you have your theft insurance paid up!

    good luck!

  5. DaveinVa

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    The tongues lock, plus there are alarm systems on the trailers, plus each building has security guards - so if a thief dares deal with this - they're welcome to the trailers....
  6. CCLC

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    We have everything lettered. We always ask when people call where they have heard about us. Quite a few times they have said that they saw our enclosed trailer somewhere. It does cost a lot to letter them but It has more than paid for itself.
  7. GrassMaster

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    Hello Everybody:

    Yes, you need your name out there on everything. They say that they got to see your Name out there at least 7 times so they can remember ya!

    Mid 80's I was only one that had signs on my trucks & people remembered my name. They reccomended me to others, because they seen my name so much! Some that reccomended me had never used me but they all the time saw my trucks!

    Excellent way to advertise DaveinVa, just let them pay dearly for it!

    Dave you will find out later, that it is some of the best advertising you could ever have done & it will be one of the best investments you could ever have made for your business!

    Back in the day If I had done that with enclosed trailers, I would have kicked Arse even more than I did! :)


    Off Topic!

    BTW, all you guys that think you can do work at reduced rates because of the way you do work because of your faster Equipment & the way you run your business. That you can afford to give better prices at a reduced rates to your customers.

    Please remember all this when you are to old & to crippled up to do work anymore. Because your expenses are going to be a lot more then, than now. Maybe then you can find faster cheaper Doctors, Medical Care & etc... Because your going to need it? LOL, there's nothing wrong with being the best & most expensive Lawn Service in town. That's what I was & I did very VERY GOOD!$$$$$

    Always make the customer think you are the best & they are going to have to pay for it, if they want you & they the right kind of customer, they will pay extra for your services, hell you deserve it? You get what you pay for! They know it TOO!

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