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    I Currently Work A Full Time Job And Cut Grass On The Side And Have Contiplated Hiring Someone To Do My Accounts While I Am At Work. Has Anyone Done This With Success? I Have An Opportunity To Up My Account Base And It Would Justify Hiring Someone To Do This, But It Wouldn't Be Enough To Support What I Am Making At My First Job And Maintence Together If I Wanted To Do It Myself. If Someone Is Doing This, Are You Hiring Someone Seasonal Or Do You Have To Promise Year Round Work To Get Someone Reliable. Thanks In Advance. Jb
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    If at all possable, I would break in guys with your total supervision first, then and only then you will see who u can trust to be on their own. Like the sayin goes "when the cats away, the mice will play". You will also need to set production perimiters, deal with break downs, accidents and provide workmans comp as well as do payroll, withhold taxes and file appropriate forms with social security. Most worker wont work nearly as hard as u will. Be carefull!!
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    I'm in the same position and last year I hired a full time guy and part timer to help me on the weekends. It does work but train them and let them know they can get let go. I was too laid back as a supervisor and hired the first guys that had ZTR experience....I ended up firing both of them. They were good but lazy....average about 1 yard an hour when I know personally you could knock them out in 35 min. and get to the next job (close neighborhood routes). So this year I'll pay by the yards they cut. My workmans comp ins. was only a little over 200 a year and a business bank account was minimal...being small w/ one or two guys helping you can pretty much hand write your schedule and other paperwork. Now I have enough customers to start the season off w/ 2 full time guys and will probably have some Marines I work w/ start working on the weekends....but now I have quickbooks and I'm about to order scheduling software.

  4. wowmowwow

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    i hope that's $200.00 for werkmans comp.....that's encouraging.
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    You have 3 employees so I saved some cash there but I will need it this year...but it doesn't cost that much either.
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    I am wondering if your employee's mentality toward you and your work would be different because you are at work - working you full time job rather than being able to randomly check up on them.

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    the quality will fall, productivity will fall, eventually you will start losing customers.....

    i think...
    you have to be there to control the situation..... granted bigger companies can manage to do this but they usually spend some real time finding the right people, and then they need to retain them all year ......year after year.....
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    I can't image this working at all, I was surprised at the one responder that had tried it. If this guy you are looking for has anything on the ball he will go out and mow grass himself. And you must have some awfully good upscale high dollar accounts to hire them done and make any significant money. If they have problems during the day are you talking with them on the phone and helping get the truck and mowers to work....very bad idea in general. My little 2 cents...
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    I just do basic lawn mowing....anyone can do that...cut the grass and weedeat. I actually got customers from them doing a good job. The first guy went to get his CDL so he left (in the middle of the week...unannounced). And the second guy was great but called in at least once if not twice a week and only did one yard an hour. This year will be paid by the hour. I also have 2 part time employee's coming back this year so I should be in a lot better shape and I will run the business much better this year. I made about 7 grand last year for barely working (more headache hoping employee would show up everyday) I just went and bought a new 42" Hustler Z today to start this season 42" Fastrak will be a backup or to start another crew if I get as many calls this year as I did last year. I'll keep you guys posted.

    But last year my guys averaged 1 yard an hour....6 - 8 a day. I charged approx. $30 a yard (most were $33)....gave them 11 - 12 an hour and I kept the rest. How could I not make money?...I made about 15 - 20 an hour before business costs....So I'd make about 75 bucks a day while working at my job....and the business would make that too...and it didn't cost 75 a day to cut 7 yards. This year I will have (already hired and waiting for spring) 2 marines working Sat. and Sun....last year I tried to run the business Mon - Fri. so people wouldn't have to deal w/ us on the weekends...I'm not making that same mistake this year. And I have confirmed almost all of my accounts for this season.

  10. nitro121

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    They all say they are going to start their own mowing company.....but they can't buy anything when they can't work 40 hrs a week. Cash holds them back from getting their $h!t together. All you need is a truck and two push mowers but they can't even get that started.

    And in previous post I meant they will get paid by the job, not the hour....or by the hour w/ a bonus for each yard done. I would make more money being out there w/ them...then I could hire 1 guy for 10 an hour and make sure we knocked out 2 yards an hour...but I'm hoping to work this like "Just mow it" the paperwork and let other guys do the labor.


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