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Does anyone "dump" their leaf loader??

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I am looking to have a leaf loader swing away mount fabricated and have a question. Does anyone have theirs mounted so it dumps with the body??? If not, do you see it as a problem??? Thanks.

In a perfect world, I would mount it to the frame so it wouldnt have to dump, but that cant happen.
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Not sure what type leaf loader you have, but here goes.We have the trac-vac leaf loader, not as nice a unit as giant-vac or billy goat, but does the job well. We had a swing-arm made up by a welder that slides right into the hitch mount, the leaf loader is mounted on the swing arm and locks in place during use and transport. We use ours on a 1 ton dump with a built up box in the bed, 8'. Anyway, when you get ready to dump, simply unlock the swing arm, swing to one side of the truck and relock to keep from moving, then proceed to dump. Then swing back in place and relock. Really works good. Saves a lot of time dumping leaves. Hopes this helps.:D
I wanted to carry the loader and a trailer, but my hitch sits pretty far under the bed. A hitch extension would not be strong enough to hold the loader and the trailer.I have a Giant Vac......does anyone think it will be a problem if it would dump with the body??? I could always turn off the gas so it would not flood, but what about the oil???
The giant vac swing aways are meant to go into your receiver and swing out of the way for dumoing. I have seen a few guys rig the leaf loaders on their trailer's tongue. This may be a viable option. I do know that giant vac offers some kinda optional receiver mounting kit for the swing aways to tow a trailer, but I wouldn't trust it. The weight of the 16 HP motor flexing on the swing away deck is not strong enough.l We've had to do some serious welding to support the original design as it is already.
Hey Ken...

I got an adjustable hitch, mounted it to my dump body and it works fine. Dosn't get enough angle to flood or get oil in the head.

I'll attach a pic, don't know if you can see it but I still have access to the pintle down bottom... so pulling a trailer is no prob.

Trailer mount wouldn't work for me... too much dump over-hang.

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Hoagie.....That whole unit dumps after it swings away????
Take a look how far my hitch sits under the bed.....ok for pulling, bad for holding a leafloader. Thisis why I was thinking about mounting it to the side of the body and have it swing away/dump with the body.

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Man, that thing looks like the ambulance Jesse built for doing wheelie on monster garage. I've never seen one with so much overhang. I would add supports to the side of the truck frame and mount another receiver just for the loader.
You can get adjustable width receivers, but if you're going to mount on the side w/ that dump body, I'd add some weights to the opposite side.

That looks to be almost the same body that I have and I know that when I have an uneven load the body will lift up and slam down pretty hard going around turns.... So a 500lb sucker on one side probably won't be too good for stability.

I've seen some pretty cool looking side mount suckers around here.... but front mount may be best for that truck.
The overhang is pretty exaggerated in the pic. because of the angle. If you look at the rear closely, you can see part of the bumper. It is about 20" back from the body. One of the reasons it is this way is so I could dump without removing the hitch each time. I was planning on mounting the LL on the rear, with it swinging out to the side, dumping with the body. Ive never had a prob. yet with the weight dist on the body......just had a pretty uneven 4 ton of stone the loaded other day.

I am going to take it to a fab shop to see if they have any ideas.
Heres the rear....

I "dump" my leaf vac and have been doing so for two years without any problems. Make sure it is well secured. I have a wood floor so I used 16 Lag bolts. I have it mounted on a two foot pedestal and have done many quick reverses with slamming on the brakes to get the leaves out.

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I Had my Sucker Mounted To the front, I Was able to Drive Wright Up To a Fence Or Car port and suck The Leaves right there. It also Freed up The Hitch For a Trailer.
I had a similar problem, my hitch was welded to the from of the dump bed. I decided just to haul the loader around on the trailer for now. I like the setup for mounting the vac to the front of the truck, just not sure of the legalities.

I Never got a ticket, But ask What your town will allow.
I used to run a Hi-Way AG-18 leaf vac w/self contained Hopper on a Dump Body. Worked real Well for quick Dumping.

Not sure if they still Make them.
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