Does anyone else here blow before they mow?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by metalsmythe, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Richard Martin

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    I do it on a "as needed" basis. I try to avoid anything that will increase the time on the job but the end result always comes first. If I have to blow the beds or hard surfaces off first to achieve the desired finish, then that's what I do.
  2. Darryl G

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    I will blow the heavy accumulations of leaves from the edges of lawns into the woods and the leaves from the beds and curb up onto the lawn in the fall.
  3. Almost always.....blow all debris onto lawn then use hrc bagger.
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  4. I tend to mow around the house first so my trimmer guys only have to trim a narrow line of uncut grass and then if there are leaves or other debris in the flower beds they blow them out into the area that has just been cut and then I run over that last to chop it up.
  5. metalsmythe

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    Ha, no. I have never been fired from anywhere. I left on pretty good terms after almost 12 years at the place. I try not to ever burn any bridges no matter how much I don't like a boss or company. I actually left the place for a year in 2005-2006 to teach a small engine and welding course at a local high school and they were very supportive and at the end of the school year when I decided being locked up in a classroom all day wasn't for me, the golf course found out through the grapevine and called me asking for me to come back so I did for another 6 years. I enjoyed my time there and wouldn't rule out working at another course or the same one later on, but for now I just need to be on my own for a while and give it my best shot.
  6. blake101

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    Only in the Fall when getting leaves out of the flower beds.

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