Does anyone else just not have time for relaxing or even anything?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JContracting, Dec 19, 2012.

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    I thought for sure I'd have some time over winter (especially Christmas break) to work on my sales/advertising plan and actually relax and maybe play the xbox I bought with my younger brother (17) this fall. Now that school is coming to an end (wrapping up the semester tonight, most likely around 3am, with last minute assignments & projects) I figured I'd only have the market that I'd have to be occupied and then I'd have some time to relax when it wasn't snowing.
    Now I have the Spring Green existing franchise purchase going on with talking to their biz develop director & president, talking with my bank, creating the business plan for that, then creating my plan for my company for the upcoming year.
    For the record, the deal with Spring Green isn't official yet. I'm almost leaning towards not pursuing it just because I'll have a full semester of school (finishing horticulture & moving into accounting classes), doing my best with day trading, and my company to operate and even though the potential for great growth is there, I'm not sure if I'd be able to handle it all. They also want me to move (or have a shop) within the designated territory where the business operates in and it's not where I'd wanna live, eastern metro, White Bear Lake/Shoreview, I plan on buying property in the northern metro near Oak Grove (for those that know the TC's you'll know what I'm referring to).
    I really enjoy the trading on the market as well, great money most of the time and I like the challenge. And the thought of paying royalties kinda sucks but with the trade off all the advertising I have to do is write a check for it and it's basically handled by them. I really like the idea of buying into an existing operation that is posting 6 figures with a good profit & salary with lots of room to expand and hire on employees to handle day to day operations and I can focus on building my company and hire on when the time comes. As well as being able to market my business' services (aside from fert/weed control) to these clients.

    Either way, whether I pursue Spring Green or not, there will not be much time to relax and before you know it, it'll be March and I hope to have my phone ringing off the hook for installs & full service maintenance prospects! Plus find some time to buy a brand new dirtbike and go racing a couple weekends a month! And maybe a girlfriend in that equation but highly unlikely.

    Man I need some sleep! Coffee this A.M., then a Red Bull, and more Coffee tonight, I am going crazy with caffeine to get all this hw done! :dizzy:

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