Does anyone else use a small truck for route work?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by minilawn, Apr 10, 2013.

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    I am not sure what a trailer shop or welding shop would charge. This is the type of work I am comfortable to do myself. The drum brakes assembly run from $30 up. So for both sides $60 up for the assembly. Then the hub and drum assembly start about $45 per wheel. I am getting the prices from

    A brake flange can be welded on. They run from $5 to $10.

    For about $200 for parts. I would guess a trailer shop would charge about $150 or so for labor. Being I'd be in there I'd repack the wheel bearings and maybe look at the spring bushings.

    The second option is to buy and able with whole brake assembly which runs about $450 from Northern Tool. I think that includes axle, brakes, and springs. Four bolts hold it on.

    It is something I would do myself. I am in the process of building two trailers. It isn't difficult work it really isn't terribly time consuming.

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    For a couple weeks i had to use my motorcycle. boy you get some looks pulling a trailer of lawn equipment behind a sport bike
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    but at least you had trailer brakes!
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    nop. was only a 4x6 trailer. didnt have trouble stopping.
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    this colorados easy to maintain. the strait 5 is a breeze to work on and everything else isnt all that different from a 1500 or even an s-10. but then I was a chevy mechanic for a couple years.....
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    I believe in use what you have till you can afford and need to up grade.

    I have an 05 TJ unlimited, which is the stretched Wrangler. I take out the rear seat, put on a safari bikini top, and a windscreen from LF door surround to RF door surround. I now have an enclosed convertible pick up cab with heat and AC as needed with a pick up bed.

    Rated to tow 3,500 lbs. My 42" JD LT180, 20" push, and all my hand helds, along with fuel comes in way under that.

    Would I buy a TJU to landscape with? I wish I had a Chevy/GMC 1500 with a small block, 4wd, crew cab.

    Though the Jeep is what I had so it is what I use.
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    Yikes! No way I'd be pulling a fully loaded dump trailer with a Colorado. Isn't the towing capacity like 3,000 pounds? I'd think you'd be overloaded empty. My 12 foot dump trailer fully loaded is 10,000 pounds and that's a heavy load even for my 3/4 ton Chevy.
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    I've been thinking about the i5 colorado, would that be an "upgrade" or a lateral move. I really like the KISS method of running this business.

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