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Does anyone have any experience with the SCAG STHM 3 wheel rider?

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This is an " out front " deck mower. I have a chance to bid on one tomorrow. It is going silent auction with a minimum bid of $2,500 The auction ends tomorrow and so far no bids. It is owned by a factory in a little country town where I live. Is about 5 years old and was only used on this factories yard, about 1 to 2 hours per mowing, is my guess based on the size of their yard, its not that big. However, I have not gotten the chance to look at the hourmeter yet. I will this evening. I personally think that the lack of bids is dut to the fact that in this little bity country town, nonone needs or even thinks they need a mower of this magnitude. Any feedback is appreciated.
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Good on hills and under trees but top speed is about 6.8mph which is plenty in those conditions, but on open ground you are mowing at full blast and wishing it was faster. Not good on properties under 1/2 acre unless they're all open with little turning. They are long and not good in tight spots since they don't have true zero turning. On a half acre lawn of mine I could mow at full speed with it and do it in 15-20 minutes. But my 52" eXmark TTHP with sulky does it in the same time and it is 1/2 mph slower, but it's faster maneuvering turns and tight spots. The STHM is fast around obstacles, IMO faster than a ZTR. Don't have to slow down much to go around a large tree. Nice machine, but not for everyone. Probably faster on hills than your Dixon. Mine was a 1996 61" with 22hp Kohler, gave $2600 for it and sold a month later for $3350. Some STHM stripes, no kit..

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