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Does anyone have any experience with the SCAG STHM 3 wheel rider?

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This is an " out front " deck mower. I have a chance to bid on one tomorrow. It is going silent auction with a minimum bid of $2,500 The auction ends tomorrow and so far no bids. It is owned by a factory in a little country town where I live. Is about 5 years old and was only used on this factories yard, about 1 to 2 hours per mowing, is my guess based on the size of their yard, its not that big. However, I have not gotten the chance to look at the hourmeter yet. I will this evening. I personally think that the lack of bids is dut to the fact that in this little bity country town, nonone needs or even thinks they need a mower of this magnitude. Any feedback is appreciated.
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I am thinking of passing it up although I still have almost 24 hrs to make up my mind. I have some hilly properties but to be honest. I have not found many hills that I could not keep my Dixon on anyway and it sounds slow. I do however have a few properties with large, ( okay huge! ) shrubs throughout the landscape, and it would be nice for that. Decisions decisions.
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