does anyone have any web templates i could use for a turfing company?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by david419, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. david419

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    hi to all,
    i run a small turfing business that mainly replaces old lawns and lays turf for new builds etc, I am wanting to make a website for the said company but am new to web design software. i have dreamweaver and photoshop and tried to set up a new site but am struggling with the DIVtags etc.

    i was hoping someone on this forum would have a web template i could use and customise with my own logo's and pictures etc.

    if so i would ideally like a template i could edit with dreamweaver/photoshop that has a green theme or grass in background sort of thing.

    many thanks and any help would be great.
  2. GreenerSide

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    Search the web for lawn website templates or something like that, many website templates out there that are free and you pay for that will allow you to customize.
  3. Rui

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    Messages: 22 - they're cheap and a lot of selection. I would recommend using wordpress themes as they're very easy to update and provide more functionality.


  4. tonygreek

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    Wordpress themes are easy to update, or do you mean WP sites are easy to update?
  5. Rui

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    Content updates on Wordpress are a breeze and there are plenty of free instructions on how to do it. Pretty much like editing a word document.

    If you're comfortable with editing some HTML, you can do the same within the theme edit page to customize elements of your site. You don't even need an FTP client.


  6. tonygreek

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    Respectfully, I'll go ahead and disagree with you.

    Yes, editing a WP site's content is pretty easy.

    No, editing the WP theme itself is not easy, especially when you factor in that a large amount of theme editing is not at the html-level.
  7. greg8872

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    LOL! I went there to take a look, and for search entered "Grass", the first result that came up was for "Writers". Think it was looking for the wrong type of grass. hahaha
  8. tonygreek

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    People reeeeeally need to pick and choose wisely when it comes to Themeforest themes, especially for their non-html sites (ie, magento, wordpress, etc). Some of the code used is beyond ponderous. I've used some in the past, as well as had clients want a certain theme from there used or edited, and the amount of rewriting required can make the budget-friendly themes decidedly less so.

    My advice, if you can't review the code on your own, is to go through any desired theme's user comments and use those to help form your opinion. If there's something in the code that sucks, or is really buggy, it will usually be mentioned.

    The same goes for any theme warehouse.
  9. Rui

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    Just like purchasing anything, buying wisely by researching is important. Buying on impulse can only lead to regret.

    From my experience, about 90% of my clients have found Wordpress to be extremely easy to edit and post/update content. I guess everyone has their own experiences though.

  10. tonygreek

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    edit: nevermind. this has become too circular for me.

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