Does anyone have experience with lake clean up jobs?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TriMLawN, Sep 15, 2007.

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    I have a customer who lives on a nice ski lake. She has an area down by the lake L 125ft. x W 25ft. There is white sand beneath 3 ft. tall grass and weeds. She wants this area to look like a beach. My question is how to price the job and what would be the best way to approach a job like this? The weeds are very tough to pull by hand. I think the best way to do the job and price it reasonably would be to trim all the weeds down to the sand and rake up the debris, then hire a licensed aquatic weed sprayer to spray the area. 7 days later till the area to uproot whatever remains and loosen up the sand. Then spread 15-18 yards of beach sand over the area to freshen it up a bit. If there is a better way, please let me know. Here is how I am planning on pricing this job:
    trim / clean up weeds $350
    weed spraying estimate $400
    till area $300
    sand $ haven't checked on prices yet
    spreading sand $300

    Let me know if I'm close on this one or if I'm verlooking anything. Thanks in advance.
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    I'd dig the stuff out with a excavator with some reach and then lay fabric and sand on top of it.

    But, that's a lot more then your charging.

    Call the aquatic sprayer first. He'll tell you what to do to help him kill it off..

    The people live on the beach and don't have money to pay for a finished service?

    $4000-5000. To redo a beach isn't a lot. Think of it like building them a deck.
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    take a trimmer w/ a cut-off blade on it. Then rake everything up & have it sprayed. Come back w/ a tiller & then cover it all up w/ fresh sand.
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    Seeing how you're just over the bridge from me I thought I'd chime in here. Now I'm not sure if this even applies & it's just a quick passing thought so take it as that.
    One word that comes to mind that you might want to check into is....(drumrole) "Swiftmud" or other code violations that might come about from digging around a lake front.

    Again I don't know if this even applies to this situation but I'd hate to read about you in the Tampa Tribune because some snotty neighbor of hers with a grievance decided to call the "water nazis" to stir the pot

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