Does anyone have the Rugby/Dejana Stakeless Landscaper Body?


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I'm Considering buying a rugby/dejana stateless landscaper body on my new f450 dump. We do mainly small tree work and have never used rear barn doors. I am wondering if the sides are structurally solid enough to hold a full load of brush or logs without bowing outwards. I am assuming it will be fine, but I want to make sure it will work for many years.

I appreciate the help.

Here is a link to the body I am speaking about:


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It's the best body on the market by far. You will have zero problems with a full load of topsoil in it ( if the truck could hold that) so a full load of chips and brush is no worries.
Just wait till you see the price on it though.
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Love these bodies, have yet to own one. Starting to become popular around my way
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We have two, an 8' on a f450 and a 12' on a 550. The have been absolutely great. The 550 has the sides extended up an additional 18". The trucks routinely get overloaded with large stones and logs

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