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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SKDCO, Aug 18, 2000.

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    I looked for this on the search but couldn't find,, does anyone have a "Proglide" sulky, mfg. by Novae Ind.? I stumbled across their site late yesterday a.m. looks good and they do a good job of selling it but I just wanted to here from someone who has tried it and/or uses it. Appreciate it ! Oh by the way the web address is

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    I've seen them advertised and still find the question is why? How the hell do you go across the street or do anything besides operate one in what would have to be a near perfect yard. Can you say lack of productivity? Watch out for the sprinkler heads! I don't know anyone who has one and never seen one in person but jungle wheels still look pretty darn good compared to this Fred Flinstone sulky called proglide.
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    I wouldn't call it "Fred Flinstone" it seems to me that someone has done their homework on this. I mean no wheel bearings to grease, no flats etc. I also do not understand what you mean by "near perfect yard" do you mean perfectly level? Most irrigation heads are pop-up(below ground) if i'm not mistaken, so all sulkies will hit them sometime or another,, right? They say you can "skim" across pavement but I guess that one you would have to show me. Also why would you consider it lack of production? I mean if it works.
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    Go to search, type in Proslide and you will find a post by Orkin Yards. Jeff has one and so did another guy, I don't remember his name. Jeff's email address is posted there if you wanted to email him about this. He likes his.
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    At least USE the darn thing before citiquing it!

    They have their place. For residential lawns, where there isn't much pavement to cross, they work sweet, leave GREAT stripes!
  6. IMHO sulkys should have two wheels.

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