Does anyone know of any better credit card rates?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by PLS-Tx, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. PLS-Tx

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    I found this info talking about credit cards:

    Lawn and garden association

    1.53% Visa & MC
    .20 per transaction swiped or keyed in.
    $4.95 per month

    Terminal Equipment----Free use

    Call and ask for Kirk Nellis

    Has anyone used this company? Are there better rates than these out there?
  2. LawnFormGuy

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    There is not a more respected company on the internet and did I mention that it is FREE until Dec. 2007. Prices go up after that, but not that high (2% + $0.20 per transaction starting Jan 2008 but you get adwords discounts), and there is no setup fee. You do have to have a google account, but that is gravy.

    Setup on this is quite easy if you have an existing site, if not there are still work arounds. Get in touch if you need some help. Regardless of how you get GoogleCheckout, just get it because can't beat free. Stop throwing your money away with Big Bank, USA.
  3. LawnFormGuy

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    Just to get clarification on your job line I contacted Google Checkout about service industries (ex. Lawn Care, Painters, Plumbing). There response was very clear on about using their e-commerce setup for credit card processing in your profession.

    Google Checkout is currently designed primarily for transactions involving
    tangible goods, although transactions for services such as plumbing and
    lawn-care may be processed as well.

    For more information about Google Checkout content policies, please visit

    Google Checkout API Support

    Hope this helps someone getting on their feet. That is when the fees of a merchant account can really kill you. I know, I have been there.
  4. Flow Control

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    For every dollar you spend with ADWORD you get 10 to pay the transaction fees, so it is not free per say.
  5. Flow Control

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    I believe I am at 2.2 now plus either .2 or .4 with Bank of America and I am looking to change too. Keep this thread updated. Your 1.53 & .2 sound more then fair to me is there a monthly average you have to maintain?
  6. LawnFormGuy

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    Actually I really do mean free. Don't believe it, read it for yourself straight from the horses mouth.

    Even in 2008, you are only talking about saving 1/2 of 1% using the above merchant account. Also, Google Checkout charges no monthly fees, so there's another $5 in your pocket. There are no setup fees either.

    Yes they do have an Adwords program where every $10 you spend you get $100 worth of free processing from Google Checkout. That still sounds like more than you would get from any other merchant account, however there will be no charge for the next 12+ months under this current promotion.

    But really, who wouldn't benefit from some Adwords advertising, it's all about bringing in more customers and increasing sales. I would not suggest that Adwords be your entire marketing strategy, but if you can figure out how much credit card processing you need and budget that in Adwords why not take the free advertising . . . In 2008 that is.
  7. topsites

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    arg nvrmind, lol
  8. Flow Control

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    You are correct about it being free for one year. One thing that I don't understand is that you have to become a member to ask a question and it depends on how you look at things (1/2 of 1%) or (25%)
  9. LawnFormGuy

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    Very true ICS, They are 25% more for the processing charges. If you run $1000 worth of $20 credit cards transactions per month . . .

    Google Checkout would be --> (50 * $0.20) + ($1000 * 2%) = $30 in fees (after 2007)

    Lawn and Garden Credit Cards would be --> (50 * $0.20) + ($1000 * 1.53%) + $4.95 = $30.25

    In this example the 2 would come close to breaking even (after 2007 & not counting the Adwords discount). Lawn & Garden would be more efficient if you processed $10,000, they would be almost $50/month cheaper.

    Do you know what the set up charge for the Lawn & Garden merchant account is? Setup charges can range between $200-$1000 in most cases.

    I guess the moral of the story would be start off with Google Checkout and when you have > $10,000 worth of monthly credit card transactions switch to a cheaper merchant if you don't want to use adwords.

    However, the Adwords promotion is excellent for your business. $1,000 in monthly credit cards = $100 worth of Adwords advertising. @ $0.25 / click that is 400 monthly visitors driven to your site. If your site converts 1% of clicks to customers that is another 4 customers per month you get to grow (assuming the traffic is there for your part of the country). This example would have you spend $100 on Adwords, however, you would save $30 in processing fees. That $70/month could bring you 48 new customers per year.

    Everyone does advertise in some way shape or form don't they.

    BTW: If you wish to sign up so you can ask a question I will shoot you a gmail account invitation. Or you are welcome to post a question here and I will ask Google Checkout for you. They answered the last question I asked in about 2 hours.
  10. Flow Control

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    I called the other day and was told the best keyed rate is 2.08 and then it could go as high as 3.58 depending on the type of card.

    Anyone getting close to 2% keyed in?

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