Does anyone make fall flyers??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rppaving, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Nice thoughts gents.... I agree gutter cleaning is definitely a good one... Hey PLLandscape... have you seen the leaf plows? These things are awesome and just clip right on front of the Z... This lets you price low for those "do it yourselfers" while still getting the work and then the upsells as well....
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    I don't do flyers for every one, but I do have " menu" that is tailored to my clients depending on the type of turf they have. Its pretty basic, but states the importance of the services offered. They fall under 2 categories, warm and cool season turf.
    It has some combination of the following.

    Yearly fert schedule
    Fungus Pre's
    Ornamental bug control
    Fall/Winter pre's for dormant Muda'
    Spring/Summer pre's for cool grasses
    Sprinkler repair
    Coloring dormant lawns
    Leaf clean up and tree work
    Overseeing/aerating and slit seeding for cool season grass
    Cool season ferts
    $easonal bloom rotation
    Gutter cleaning
    Mulch new/dye
    Christmas light installation and removal
    And all the usual mowing crap.

    It only takes a few minutes to change the names when I print them. Makes the rich people feel real special, like I wrote them a letter haha.
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    Cool, you ever get much business coloring? I have always wondered about that....
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    Not really much for lawns. I sub that out, because I'm not very good at it, its messy and I don't wanna spend for equipment I don't have room for.

    I do keep a quart of green lawnger and a 32oz hand sprayer mixed up to match dog spots on the nicer properties. The color matches bermuda pretty easily, but what I have doesn't match well with fescue.

    I've had good luck with coloring mulch though. Mainly on cleanups and first cuts. When there's berries, dead grass clippings and other little pieces of plant trash mixed in, just give it a light coat. I don't use it as much to renew the mulch, as I do to hide the crap in it haha.
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    Cool, that's really interesting.... For some folks with $$$$,it's like out of site, out of mind... As long as the house looks great when they are pulling out of the driveway in the morning and again at night when they are pulling in... they are happy...
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    We're doing targeted advertising for leaf cleanup. This is not a big business in our area, so we are just targeting the limited number of heavily wooded properties.

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