Does anyone make money?


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Nope!!! no one here makes any money. We just do it cause we love the outdoors....

Cmon cwb, you know we are makin money, or we wouldn't be here.

A 3 man crew could handle 80-100 accounts no problem depending on the area....

I realize your a new member, but if you have to ask if anyone makes money, you might want to look for a new proffesion...


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Whoa, that's a hard one to answer. ALL depends on your drive time and how large of accounts you have. I personally know of 1 company that runs 3 man crews all day. Told me that they had 180 accounts a week with that 3 man crew. I've personally have done 33 accounts in a 10 hour day with myself and another very experienced and driven individual, including drive time. Of course, these are 3000-5000 sq foot sub lots tight together. If you have larger accounts, that number will be much less. The amount is not what's important, it's the profitability of the crew. Remember with a crew, your paying for quicker times on your accounts. That's at least one reason behind it.


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we do about 150-160 or so in the summer with 3 people. And I would say everyone made money, or I hope they did anyway.


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Your question is too faigue...btw, read my signature.


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I have made money every year since I started (1992) , not the big bucks but a better live than a regular job would offer...

craigs lawncare

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Originally posted by cwb20
WHo made a profit last year and how many customers can a single 3 man crew handle?

cwb20, your question was pretty vague. Size of the lawn means everything.
Some days I can only do three, but they are huge lawns.
Nobody would do this if we didn't make decent money at it.
Bastalker was a bit hard on you with his response, but its common sense. I mow part time along with a 40hr per week job. I only do 12 lawns currently, but I will be picking up 6 more this summer. It's like a hobby for me because I like gardening and being out-doors. Something I can't have in my current office job.:(
Like I said, it's a hobby but make no mistake about it, come August and that thermometer hits the upper 90's... lawn mowing becomes work and by November I am ready for winter and the grass to go dormant. If it wasn't for the money, I would dump my lawns in a heartbeat!

Yes, money is what its all about in this business... hobby or not.


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i know myself and one other guy can do 120 or so a week and not feel too rushed. I think probably about 150 would be the max though. Again it depends on drive time and size of yards.