does anyone not use contracts?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ryanc, Apr 24, 2013.

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    i've only had 1 customer that bounced a check. the bank charged me $3 so i didn't worry about it. the customer just wrote me another check. i just ate the $3 charge. i guess i could've just told them to make the check out for $3 more but it wasn't a big deal. that is the only time that happened. all of their other checks never bounced. i just figure they made a mistake. it happens.
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    I don't do contracts for residential properties. Like others have stated its more effort than its worth. I've only had two bad checks. One was from a shady person and I should of known better but the other was from a regular client that swapped banks before I could cash the check he sent me. They sent me another check with enough to cover the fee for a bounced check from my bank.
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    So what would you add to a standard proposal form like this. I would basically be using this as a service agreement.
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    That is basically what I did for my Service Agreement. Its just for protection my protection is what I tell the client.
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    You should be good with that a contract must include an offer, acceptance (signature of buyer), legality (no illegal business meaning if you dont have a business license and your state/county requires one, you dont have a contract) even if it is signed, consideration (money). I think that is fine.
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    Okay so that form will work for all that then. Just getting my ducks in a row, appreciate the advice.

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