does anyone out there use a gravely 260z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by toddgravely60z, Aug 31, 2000.

  1. toddgravely60z

    toddgravely60z LawnSite Member
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    I have a gravely 260z rider with a 25 hp engine I have double blades (thanks to Eric), and love it. Just wandering why I never hear anything about these on here? Do you know something I don't(just kidding) would love to hear from people using my same mower, not that I don't like reading about your's cause I learn something new everytime I come to this site.
  2. eslawns

    eslawns LawnSite Senior Member
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    I just looked at a 250Z today. I was very impressed. I liked the hydraulic deck lift and the big front caster wheels to go over curbs. Any problems or peculiarities with your Z?
  3. toddgravely60z

    toddgravely60z LawnSite Member
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    I haven't had any trouble out of mine, today just turned
    150 hrs. What I like the most is the independent front end and the seat with the adjustable spring to help soak up some of the bumps. Also the hydro lift deck is great.
  4. chrisbolte

    chrisbolte LawnSite Member
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    I have a 250Z and absolutly love it. I have almost 300 hours on the machine. I have had no major problems. I have quite a few gravely walk behinds and never have any problems with them. I have posted quite a few things about gravelys but no one on this site enjoys talking about them. Good luck and buy gravely.
  5. eslawns

    eslawns LawnSite Senior Member
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    I've looked at all the riders in the $5,000 to $8,000 range, but I like the Gravely 250Z ($6,000) and the Encore Prowler 52" Mid-cut ($6500) Best price was on the Gravely and the Great Dane. I also like the out front cut mowers but they is be a bit 'spensive, suh.

    Most of the larger outfits near me use Toro WB, so when they went to riders, they stayed with the same dealers. I'm not a Toro guy, but when in Rome... Other than the two I like, they all seem pretty much the same.
  6. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
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    I've heard alot of goo things about the 260Zs and they are definetely alot of bang for the buck. I was, however, warned that the pins holding the casters should be replaced locking type because these casters have been known on several occasions to fall off and go under the deck. (ugly noise/even worse liability). And thay've GOT to put down a better cut than the Promaster 300s do! Does anyone else have a 300 rider? I keep mine for reach trimming.
  7. Evan528

    Evan528 LawnSite Silver Member
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    runner, i had one! No more! i sold it and i now have a toro z master! whata difrence. no more clumping or uncut grass sticking up! Those 300 series rider are pure junk!
  8. toddgravely60z

    toddgravely60z LawnSite Member
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    one of my best friends had his caster fall off and go under the deck. the pins in the casters have what looks like a key ring holding them in I replaced mine with cotter pins works great
  9. Yard

    Yard LawnSite Member
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    How are those Gravely 260z's holding up? Do you guys still like them? I looked at one last season and they looked like a well built machine.
    I don't have the specs on them, but they look longer than other ztrs. Does anyone know if they are , or is it just the design of the engine cover that make them look that way? How do they stack up against other ztrs?
    Thanks for any info and happy mowing!
  10. Chopper Lover

    Chopper Lover LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a 260Z. This is my first season using it and so far I am thrilled to death with it. It cuts nicely out of the box and runs like a champ. The double blades are going on it tomorrow (I hope) but the cut so far has not indicated they are needed.

    I checked the front roller on mine and it was already locked at the pin with a sheet metal screw. They must have corrected that on the newer models.

    Yard, they are longer I think. The motor is more of a "rear mount" than most ZTR's. This design supposedly diercets the exhaust noise away from the operator. I must say it seems pretty quiet when you ride it. The 260 is 90" long per the spec sheet and weighs in at 1125#.

    Let's keep in touch!

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