Does anyone tow a 10k-12k mini-x with there F-250 6.0L

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by concealedGSXR, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. concealedGSXR

    concealedGSXR LawnSite Member
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    I am looking into buying a Kubota KX121 or KX161. I would like to get the biggest mini-x available but I want to make sure I can tow it. I still have to buy a trailer, so I know that can make a difference, but what are your thoughts. Who has experience with this and what do you guys recommend.

    Thanks in advance...Rob B
  2. Travel'n Trees

    Travel'n Trees LawnSite Senior Member
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    I know my 2500 hd duramax or my wifes escalade or my 3500 with 454 will pull at highway speeds better than my 550 powerjoke.
  3. concealedGSXR

    concealedGSXR LawnSite Member
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    Really, thats funny because I have an 05 Chevy Kodiak 4500 with the Duramax, that can't get out of its on way. I tow an 8,000 lb JD skid steer with it and my truck walks all over it. I have had nothing but problems with the Duramax and I only have 12,000 miles on it. I was tyring to save a little money over the Ford, but it turned out to be a big mistake. But hey, that's just my opinion.
  4. Travel'n Trees

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    At least they warrantied it! FORD???? There are lemons in every made but some companies have way more than others, alot due to cutting corners. I have a John Deere 270 and have pulled it behind 2500 hd with 3000 lbs in the bed and ran 80 no problem, 550 runs struggles to run 65 empty for any amount of time because of EGT's. And everyones knows Gm's are more expensive and don't have as many discounts, I have only put 4000 miles on mine and it looks tough but haven't touched it since Feburary, I have put 40 k on my duramax instead. And the help drives my lowered dually verses the 550 it cost to much to use.
  5. Dirty Water

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    Back to the issue at hand.

    I personally believe that a 12k excavator on a small truck is asking for trouble with the DOT.
  6. jazak

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    from NJ
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    T&T you're SOOO full of sh!t!?!:dizzy: :hammerhead: :dizzy: No one likes on here because you have a BIG mouth and can't back ANYTHING up. You and I both know why you aren't on AS anymore. I'll take my 04 F-550 against your 2500 or 3500 ANY day and kick you @ss.:hammerhead: :weightlifter:

    About the excavator 12K is too much for a F-250; you could do it just go real slow and take the back roads as DOT WILL stop you. The most I've ever put behind a F-250 PSD is like a 8K chipper and that was about as much as I ever want to pull with a F-250 PSD. You want to pull 12K easy go get a F-450 PSD or F-550 PSD or take a look @ GM's 4500 & 5500, also maybe take a look at Dodge's 4500 & 5500 when they come out.
  7. concealedGSXR

    concealedGSXR LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the replies. I wasn't trying to start an arguement, just stating that I haven't had much luck with the 4500. I honestly believe the truck is to heavy to start with and the Chevy was $10,000 less then a similarily equipped F-450. I am a Ford guy, but I am also in business to make money. Dollar for dollar at the time, I couldn't justify spending the extra money. I am just looking at my options, I still have both so I know I could tow it with the 4500, but would prefer to tow it with the F-250.

    Thanks again...Rob B
  8. Gravel Rat

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    I wouldn't try pull a 161 Kubota behind a 3/4 ton its way too heavy you need minimum F-450. If your looking for something cheap to move the machine around try find a old 5 ton truck build a ramp body for it and carry the machine. You are going to need a CDL to move the machine on a trailer because a 161 is close to 12,000lbs you will need a 16,000lb gvw trailer to move it legally.

    Its better to be safe than sorry.
  9. Scag48

    Scag48 LawnSite Fanatic
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    An F550 is the smallest truck I'd use to pull a 12K excavator.
  10. lamarbur

    lamarbur LawnSite Member
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    I had an 01 Dodge w/HO diesel. I have a 12,000gvw trailer and load a Kubota L 48 TLB, which in itself is 8,000 and the trailer is 3100. I go short distances, and have to be extra careful for stopping... The engine has the power and we have some pretty serious hills at 27% grades.. Pulling great, stopping,, big problem and headache. Today I looked at an 06 leftover, HO Dodge with a 48re automatic trans,,,, The 01 has the 6sp manual... THe 06 has 14 inch disc compared to the 01's 12,,, The only concern I have is the automatic trans.

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