Does anyone use a dump trailer to haul their mowers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MDLawn, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. MDLawn

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    I am looking to upgrade my current dump trailer. The first one was an implulse buy with no thinking :hammerhead:. I am a part time company (yes legit) and currently have a dump trailer (great condition just need longer to haul mowers) and a small 6x12 landscape trailer (great condition) which I would like to sell. I want to get down to using one trailer if possible to free up space in my garage and I have done quite a bit more landscaping this year and need the dump. Just looking for any pro's & con's to using this setup if anyone has? Again remember that I am a part time business so day to day operations are not that crazy, although this year started out like that payup. Any info is greatly appreciated!
  2. B Gillespie

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    Check the weight. 14' dump is over 4k, 16' is 5k plus.
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  3. unkownfl

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    You're talking about pulling 3300 extra lbs every time you mow a yard. With gas already being 10% more up there how would you even consider this.
  4. MDLawn

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    Remember I am part time and mow 1 maybe 2 times a week. Not a big deal as in gas. If I crunched the numbers maybe a few dollars every week. Yes I know that could go in my pocket but I want more landscape jobs not mowing so the dump is more important. What about the people hauling around 20ft enclosed trailers at near 2600lbs, is there are real difference?
  5. unit28

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    sell the mowing jobs to a busy mowing company
    that will turn over landscape jobs to you.

    would that work?
  6. MDLawn

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    I already have passed on some mowing work to a friend. Mowing around here is getting rediculous, $15 for 1/3-1/2 acre lawns, some with fences!!!! I've lost more possible customers to this price range. What a joke. :hammerhead::hammerhead: I need to keep some of the mowing customers as they give me some good landscaping money too. Thats the problem, a lot of people like the one stop shop. But next year I am only accepting mowing customers in the same 2 neighborhoods where most of my lawns are. No more running around to make these estimates that I am just going to get beat out on from price. Word of mouth is by far the best type of advertising. The classifieds I have done this year has only fed me price
    shoppers, the worst in the 4 years I have done this.

    Back on topic anyone else ever use this setup????
  7. MDLawn

    MDLawn LawnSite Bronze Member
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    looking 12' or 14' MAX
  8. Darryl G

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    I haul my Lazer in my low profile 7 x 12 Bri-Mar dump trailer in the fall for leaf cleanups. Leaves in the front and mower in the back. The only thing is that the mower doesn't do so well on the ladder ramp...I've had the front caster drop through and the traction on them isn't so good so I use portable ramps but that's less than ideal too. I'm thinking about getting expanded steel put on the ladder ramps but there's not much depth for it to sit in...gotta be flush or they won't slide into their slots under the trailer. The only thing is that the trailer is around 3500 pounds empty...that's a lot of trailer to pull around.
  9. MDLawn

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    I am also only in 3 neighborhoods so not much driving around.
  10. MDLawn

    MDLawn LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Thanks, this is the info I am looking for! I thought the same thing about the ramps too. But would work really well for the clean ups as you can load the trailer with the mowers in it.
    Ok, with the added weight and fuel money. My round trip may be 45 miles a week. So say the landscape trailer gave me 10 mpg and the loaded dump gives me 8 (5.4 06 superduty, which I believe this is what it gets). With a price of fuel at $2.98 the difference would be $8.76/wk or $236/yr (27 cuts). I probably spend that on gatorade each year so I could stop buying that and dehydrate too :) I understand the weight thing but for me it doesnt add up to make it that bad. I'm sure plenty of guys smoke a pack of cigarettes a day or go out to eat every day at $5-7 a day, $35/wk, and close to $1000/yr!!! Pick your poison :usflag:

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