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Does ANYONE use Snapper??? (or why not?)


LawnSite Member
I've only been a member here since summer but (thats a lot of threads read) i have noticed that i NEVER hear mention of snapper mowers. I have been using them for about 4 years and i have never had a problem (never), i have a snapper pro Zcruiser, a 48" walk behind, and a 36" walk behind all with kawaisaki engines, is it location? is it poor warranty? are they over-priced? poor quality? or am i awaiting a rude awakening? why doesn't anyone use them? my dealer who is just over a mile from my house also sells me stihl trimmers and he always helps me with anything, just curious, sorry for the long post..


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I am also in an area that Snapper dealers are all over. So I tried one. Trying to get away cheap for a second mower.

This snapper was a piece of junk. Threw both power belts off as soon as you disengaged the deck. Brought it back to the dealer like seven times, he fixed it each time. It had a bent pulley on it but he never fixed that, just put a couple new belts on it and gave it back.

Finally, I told him I didn't want it and traded it (at full price) for a Kees 48 walk behind. End of problem.

I don't know if I just had a bad one, but mine was a piece of junk.



central fl.
I have one and it took about 10 hours to get everything to work right. Same problem with deck belt, Snapper put smooth idler on, replaced with tall idler with flange and no more problems.


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S. Jersey
Ive had my belt 48" for 5-6 yrs now. Bought it used and have had all good luck with it. Dont kow if the previous owner had any. The only thing I fixed on it was the tranny. But I knew about that 2 yrs ago. Changed it this season. Workhorse!

Jerrys Lawn Service

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Bubba5, all of my walkbehinds are all Snapper (all hydro's)
we have a 36 a 48 a 52. The only problem so far is the spring to the hydro pumps broke, Snapper changed to a up
grade on the spring and no more problems! We run double blades thanks to Eric and get a great cut! We are very
happy with our Snappers!

Good Luck!


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hey guys hope everyone is staying busy if not you need to well i have 48 snapper walkbehind hydro i think its great only had to adjust on handles where i let them bang into my gate on trailer but i love my snapper i have electirc start and vroooom off to the races i go i am pleases with my snapper eqiupment Tim


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We have a Snapper 52 Hydro. It is a good mower. Nice cut. It does wonders on a steep bank. We also have a Great Dane 48 Hydro. It will not hold a candle to the snapper on a bank.


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I have a 36" WB and haven't had any problems so far. I got it used and the guy before me said he hasnt had any problems either. But i guess it could fall apart tomorrow. But, so far, it has worked very well for me.



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Columbus Ga
the only snapper i own i the 21"2cycle wis.robins.had it since i went into bizz since i brought a toro 21"(A LOT FASTER) it just sits in the shed,my walker get the majority or hours on it
i don,t know why i still have it , it still runs great haven't done anything with it execpt crank it every so often
on over 3 years , if i ever get a public type office i might set it up on a pedistile, after all it was my first mower purchase when i went full time....but i never had a days problem with it ..

SJR Lawncare

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The company that I used to work for ran snappers. I used a 48 beltdrive for 5 years with a velke. There were a few problems here & there, normal belt wear, brake handles wearing out, etc. but overall, NICE MACHINES, I do miss my snapper.