Does anyone use vans anymore to mow?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by kandklandscape, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. kandklandscape

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    We are going to be taking on about 40 new commercial clients this year, and we have thought about buying a 6 or 8 passenger van to take the employees and equipment around. The van would need to pull a 16-18' trailer along with 2 or 3 scags, 36"-52" .... of course fuel cans, weedeaters, blowers and the rest of the little stuff. What kind of van should we purchase?

    I still am not sure if we are going to purchase a van or a crew cab truck... Of course we are looking to make sure that whatever we buy is going to be more fuel efficent then trucks are. I know some vans use just as much gas aas a truck, some more. I was thinking of buying a v 6 van more likely chevy. The reason why I want to buy a van so much is because the new clients will be spread out so much anywhere from 40-100 miles away from our home base.

    Does anyone use vans?

    I know when we first started out, our first vehicle was a 4 door marquis, then an omni, then a caravan and then finally a truck haha 9 years ago cant believe it, look back and think it is funny BUT you got to start out somewhere.

    The nice things about vans CARGO vans is what im referring to here by the way, is that you can stack your tools nice even when it is raining and have just your mowers on the trailer.

    Insight would be nice on a van purchase. Repeating myself many times here, do any of you use vans, and do they work pretty good?
  2. DBL

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    thats going to be a lot of weight for a may want to look into a sprinter dually van
  3. Gravel Rat

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    You might want to get a F-450 or F-550 crewcab and put a cube van on it or buy a retired schoolbus and modify it.
  4. mag360

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    If you plow I'd say go for a crew cab truck.
    If you plan on putting six guys plus tools in a van and tow at the same time weight can get up there in a hurry.
  5. GravelyNut

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    If you go with a van, you need to look in the same weight range as a pickup. Or higher. You can get a cargo van and then add an extra bench seat cheaper than you can a passenger van. Chevy made a Caravan back in 1977 that was designed just for the working class and low price conversion van group. Paneled inside with only 2 seats. Rubber floor mat ( HD ) over sound proofing. Problem was, it ate gasoline worse than my 8.1L. 350, 4bbl, 4.10 rear, and an automatic 3 speed.
  6. kandklandscape

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    did not think the caravan started until 1987 did not know they made a caravan in 77 but i know the older ones run forever, had 4 in my lifetime
  7. GravelyNut

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    You're thinking of Dodge. Chevy had one 10 years before Mopar. It was based on the 1/2 ton standard size van.
  8. Mow Mony

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    might want to consider a Ford van with a powerstroke if you plan to tow that will handle the weight as it has a heavier duty suspension and get better mileage than gas van.

    A v6 aint gonna cut it hauling 6 people and a n 18 foot trailer, and you would be over the GVW with all that anyway.
    I would say just get a crew cab truck myself

    ...or even get a regular cab truck to tow the trailer and hold two people, and just have the other four guy ride in a older civic or something that can get 40+ mpg, combined mileage would be pretty good there.....

    just a thought.
  9. packey

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    sounds like you need to get a sprinter van or go find you a mini bus. :) I knew I was not the only guy to haul my guys a good distance away to work. I will only have two guys with me this summer. better make sure you have enough room to fix on the go if you break down. You might also look at something like a used Isuzu crew cab with a landscape body on it.
  10. mower&more1986

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