Does cold weather effect flyer response?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by green-pa, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. green-pa

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    Is there much point in putting out flyers when u have tempt in the 30's and 40's? We're sopposed to have only 1 day in the next 10 that is 68 and it's going to rain, the rest are sub 50. The grass isn't doing much anyway right now. Would I be best to wait 'til I know it's thawing out b4 I do many more?
    I just did like 550 the other day when it was a 65 deg day. No call yet on that. I mean, should I wait at least another week or two at this point or continue pluggin' even though we still might get another bit of snow in INDY?
  2. Chris "Greenville"

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    This is my second year, but my advise is ALWAY ADVERTISE. They may hang on to the flyer or card until they need it. I'm in southern IN myself. I sent out 200 postcards last week and have 4 confirmed lawns. I think I got lucky with that but people around here are getting spring fever. I say keep going, the fish are sure to bite. Chris
  3. bruno_rs

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    hey green, to answer your question... it does have some effect on your response but its' worth the exposure. it's best to get flyers out 3-4 weeks before spring actual "hits". unfortunately, this business is 100% dependent upon "mother nature" and we all know how her seasons can change "on a dime". it's better to get them out alittle before everyone's thinking of and/or planning for spring. moreover, toward the end of any winter season and with day light savings returning, most people can't wait for spring and will look forward to anything that makes them feel it's just days away.

    should you need more work and/or customers, don't be afraid to get out (seasonally adjusted) flyers during the cutting season all the way into fall cleanups. i've found many procrastinators and/or "dreamers" are out there and can (from my own experience) be valuable and/or very appreciative customers. some of MY best clients are those who experienced being "chained" to their lawns every weekend and/or the frustration of equipment failure therefore they DO understand to the difficulty of the job and/or "fees" i must charge.

    it's never too late to advertise. good luck. have a good one.
  4. Carolina Cuts

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    forget the cold.... it's March.
    Get em' out!
  5. green-pa

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    THanks guys. Very encouraging!

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