Does company name matter?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by pghlandscape, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. pghlandscape

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    3 yrs ago i got a phone call to buy a web (getting updated now)I bought it for the heck of it after 1 yr i did some research and I was able to register Pittsburgh Landscape Company thinking this was a unique opportunity.(My goal was to try separating myself from companies that do not have insurance,pay under the table,etc.(scrubs)in our area this represents most companies being there are no license required to landscape.)After doing this I felt I lost the personal ism of the company.I think the name PLC may intimidate people,make them think we don't care about there needs.My old name was Ford Landscaping 12 yrs and we mainly did maintenance work(95%) and had a great reputation. we now do hardscape-walls,pavers,and landscape installation.Do you think the new name is to intimidating?Does it sound to powerful...
  2. kris

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    The more powerful sounding the better IMO. The nice thing about your new name is that it will sound familiar to people even if its new. You will still have the great reputation with all your former customers.
  3. dougaustreim

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    I have always felt that the name should say something about who you are. Names like quality, superior etc are meaningless, because if you aren't working for that, you shouldn't be in business at all.

    I have always beleived that using your own name held great weight, because it says that you are staking your own reputation on the reputation of your business.

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  4. jpmako

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    When doing your letterhead, Business Cards and any other advertizing I personally would put PLC and make a reference as Pittsburgh Landscaping Company. I made a cheesy logo to show you what I mean. That is a good name, Just makes you look bigger.

  5. Jeff Quinn

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    I agree about putting your name on your business, with a few exceptions. For instance, there is a local service company located here that uses the owner's last name. "Cheathams." The H is silent. It is pronounced exactly like "cheat-ums".
  6. Team Gopher

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    Hi jpmako,

    That's a great idea and it looks good too. You could also put PLC in the center of a circle or oval and around the edges have Pittsburgh Landscape Company.'
  7. tiedeman

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    whatever is going to catch the customers attention and/or has local name recognition seems to always work to me
  8. GarPA

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    Pittsburgh Lanscaping Company strikes me nice...sounds "bigger" than you may be in reality ( a good thing)

    If I had to do over, I would not have the work "lawn" in the biz name or have "lawn" be inside another word. Mowing is the smaller part of our revenue so the name is too restrictive

    Doen the road I may change it to something like:

    "Landscape Services"

    those aren't the exact names I would use but you get my drift. Some of the books I read recommended that the word "lawn" be the first word in your name because of the phone book issue...but ...we are only in the white pages and have no intention of doing yellow pages plus nearly all of our new business comes from referrals so the phonebook listing is a non issue
  9. LawnsRUsInc.

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    GarPa you would be supprised about not haveing a listing throughout the book. Refferal customers looked for us in the book and couldnt find us so i changed that and it has worked great.
  10. Kelly's Landscaping

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    I could not agree more with you I think personal is better then gimmic.

    We often get so use to some of the big companys we forget they are personal names that have just become Icons, Sears, Ford, Mcdonalds. There are plenty gimmics that are large as well I think they attact different market share some prefer personal some prefer bigger then life sounding.

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