Does cragislist really work??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by goku770, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. OakNut

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    I don't post classified listing, I post an actual advertisement.
    Just save it as an image and post it that way.
    Sometimes I will add text as well above/below the image. It depends on what I'm posting.

    Aside from setting yourself apart from the hundreds of classifieds, the image can't be read by bots which helps to reduce the amount of spam you get via phone and email.

    I also suggest adding a list of keywords (services, zip codes, town names, etc) at the bottom. That makes a huge difference in helping people find your ad when they do a search.

    Or you could just go with...

    We'r best price around!
    $15 cutting
    Ponds walls patios garbage hauling
    poop scooping weed wacking weed killer
    rocks wood chips cut your bushes
  2. Hiltairm

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    I put things like this:

    Lawn Service Plus+

    Reliable and Reasonable Lawn Care. Free Estimates!!!! We Provide Mowing, Edging,Blowing,and Weed-eating. We also will cleanup and haul stuff off. Your Yard Will Look Fantastic After We Get Done! Please give me a call to set up an appointment.

    Call or text:
    Matt Hilton (918)378-XXXX

    We are very DEPENDABLE AND RELIABLE. Thanks and Have a great Day!

    We accept cash, check, and now Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover!
  3. PicturePerfectLawns

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    I had a very good experience with CL. Same as above, when I posted this year I was getting 4-5 calls MINIMUM PER DAY. My ad was very professional, lot's of work photo's, very organized, and clean looking. I got all the important information in and didn't leave anything out, but made it simple and easy to read because of it being so organized. I used to build websites, do I know how HTML coding works. Which is what CL's adds run off of. I would add image codes to put large stars on both sides of my title. Let me tell you, if you clicked on services, my ad stuck out from all the others like a sore thumb. When you opened it, it looked professional, using coding I bolded certain text, made all the important information bold or stick out. I made the text with a larger font using coding making it easier to read for everyone. I had a minimum of 4-5 calls a day using Craigslist.

    Only issue I had, was tire kickers and not being able to pick my areas like I could with Flyers. I live in a big city. I would have people call me two hours from my house. I found out limiting your areas and mentioning certain zip codes that you service work better if you live in a large city. Even doing so, you will still people call you from xx neighborhood on the opposite side of the city asking for service, and you will still have tire kickers looking for the lower price. I signed many, many up for yearly service off CL this year. One I met off CL owns a children's medical facility here in town. Called and asked me today if I could take care of the commercial lawn work at her new facility she's about to purchase. CL did wonders for me as long as you learn how to work it, it will work for you.
  4. Charles

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    CL new sign up contract seems to be vague as to whom they charge a $fee to. I read where they are charging auto dealers and help wanted ads. I think they should make that clear rather than everyone agreeing they can be charged any amount at anytime. I was thinking about putting an ad in until I read that clause
  5. neil4

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    How do you post an "actual advertisement" as opposed to a classified listing on CL?
  6. shane772

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    "Just save it as an image and post it that way."

    Assume he makes an advertisement on the computer and uploads an image instead of just text on CL
  7. OakNut

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    I did have trouble initially when I uploaded the ad to Photobucket. The image quality wasn't good enough and it displayed way too small. Photobucket reduces images that are uploaded and that was the issue. Someone suggested I host the image via my website storage space and that worked fine.

    I haven't posted an ad in 2 years though, so the process may have changed.
  8. Chevy z71

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    All i have got is people wanting stuff done for nothing or wanting it done then the next day they call you and say there going to do it there self to save money. Had one call the other day that lived on side of a hill wanted it mowed 3 times a year.:dizzy:
  9. ohbuckhunter

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    Just signed a $3,500 a year contract off Craigslist today.
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  10. PenningsLandscaping

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    Like everyone says I think it varies by market, your professionalism, and dumb luck. I've had plenty of "I need it mowed today" calls. Even if I could, I most likely wouldn't. Sets a bad precedent that being a PITA is ok.

    But like many on here, I've landed some great work from cl. Right now the big sales season for my area is starting. I'm expecting tons of calls, emails, and pointless estimates.
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