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Does estimate include leaf clearing?

Kelly's Landscaping

LawnSite Platinum Member
Milford CT
Depends Commercials it may be included on my Residential it is never included how do I know how long fall is going to take when its April or May and I am doing the estimate. I also give them the option not to have a clean up when you get busy your understand why I never finish all my cleans up any way just to much work and it always snows 1-2 weeks too soon.


LawnSite Member
clean -ups are always an extra except in commercial contracts that ask specifically for it.

Utah Lawn Care

LawnSite Bronze Member
I have heard of companies requiring clean-ups for all their clients and charging them an hourly fee.
I am aware of companies that mow their lawns weekly even after the lawns quit growing and either mulch or bag the leaves till they have all fallen. They charge the same as a mow.
I personally make my clients aware I do leaf clean-ups and have them contact me if they are interested and it is an extra charge.