does fertilizer go bad

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by bdemir, Sep 27, 2001.

  1. bdemir

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    I have about ten bags of it and am ready to give it away because its been sitting but would like to keep it if it does not spoil or go bad from sitting or spoil. Its lesco brand.

  2. greenngrow

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    Only if the bags get wet or draw moisture. Most bag fertilizer will draw some moisture that is normal.

    If it is a high nitrogen analysis, then it might be high in moisture.
    Hard to handle but won't be useable as far as lost analysis.

    Need to know more about the Grade of fertilizer????
  3. tremor

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    Even if it has a few lumps in it, you can screen it through some 1/4" hardware cloth.
    If you must store unused fertilizer, get it up & away from the ground. One pallet is still too close if it's a humid area.
    When properly stored in a dry area, most straight fert's last for years.
    In the last "round" of the year, try to spread anything that was left over from previous rounds. Most lawn grade fert's (if it's too wet & lumpy to spread) can also be hand broadcast on evergreen shrubs & ground covers or deciduous non-fruit-baring shade trees.
    If it's paid for, make the money work for you.

    USE IT UP!

  4. fireball

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    better yet, take it back to Lesco and ask for your money back. Consult their customer policy statement. The money looks better in your pocket than on their balance sheet.

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