Does fertilizer "Go Bad"?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Schweinhund, Mar 10, 2008.

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    A friend gave me a 50lb. bag of Scott's Turf Builder for free. It was a ripped open bag and would not close completey, but I kept it in my shed so it stayed dry. I applied it to my St. Augustine lawn about 2 weeks ago, watered as recommended, but everything is still brownish yellow and nasty looking.

    My question is - since it was exposed to air, does this reduce its potency in any way? Its humid around here, so I'm pretty sure a little moisture got in there. Does this matter and if so, should I refertilize?
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    With the RH so high, is it a block of fert?
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    Fert has a great shelf life.... unless it got wet enough to turn into bricks, it should be fine. The Scotts straight fert is actually a pretty good fertilizer, just apply it at half the recommended rate. The combo products are a problem.... cut the rate, and the AI is not sufficient to control either creabgrass, weeds, etc. The Scotts fert is good... just too much N in it.

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