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Does fungucide affect seed germination?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ANDR2012, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. ANDR2012

    ANDR2012 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 2

    I did some centipede reseeding a week ago and I need to apply some fungucide (Heratege G). Will it affect seed germination? The label doesn't seem to say anything about it.
  2. gunsnroses

    gunsnroses LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 266

    I think you need to read the label ten more times on (sp)**Heritage Fungicide**. It would have been cheaper to buy sod. You paid close to 20.00 a lb for seed, now fungicide, and watering like hell for 3 weeks plus... This a cut and paste from the label.

    For use in the establishment of turfgrass from seed or in overseeding of dormant turfgrass:
    Heritage G may be used for control of certain turfgrass diseases associated with turfgrass establishment from seed.
    Heritage G may also be used during overseeding of dormant turfgrass.
    Heritage G may be safely applied before or after seeding or at seedling germination and emergence to ryegrass,
    bentgrass, bluegrass, and fescue turfgrass types. Optimum application timing is during seeding. See Application
    Directions section.
  3. Lawn132012

    Lawn132012 LawnSite Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 175

    Answered that as I was gong to say check the bag too as I noticed some seeds are very different i what they can and can not use

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