Does it really need to be this complicated?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lsylvain, Sep 5, 2007.

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    It is time for another new mower. Why on earth does it have to be such a pain in the neck to get pricing info on mowers? Who can you trust? It is really quite a pain to have to call every dealer within 100 miles to get an idea of what mower you would like to purchase, then to call around and find out who is charging a reasonable price. And even then, they don't have the products you would like to checkout they have to order them. Then the main company's website says one thing and the dealer says another. for example Toro advertizes that you can get the 52's in a T-Bar hydro, all the dealers say that no you can't. On top of that the dealer wants darn near $7,000 for the pistle grip W/B, when I can go out and get a grasshopper 52" Z for around $6,000, what kind of sence does that make? I contacted about 4 exmark dealers and none of them have even responded to me. Then on top of all that these dealers are not smart enough to pay a couple of bucks to have thier own website, so you could atleast check out what they have.

    I mow from 7 in the morning until darn near 7 at night 6 days, a week and stop of the house for a quick bite, I don't have time to be running around to 20 different dealers to price a stupid lawn mower and avoid getting screwed. I need to hire some help, but if I can't find the mower I need, what good will the help be just sitting there with no mower to mow with.

    dang..... just venting.
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    Hey bro..
    Did you ever get a chance to go down to Hy-Tech Power equipment on 15th street (old 301) in Bradenton? They are by FAR the BEST dealer in town for service and sales...
    When you go in there, ask for Bob (Owner) or Dave (service manager) tell them that Dion from Primetime sent you.. I can almost gaurantee you that they will take excellent care of you.. Is is the largest dealer in Florida for Grashopper also.. He has Exmark and Walker mowers also.

    Ohh yeah.. those 2 accounts you sent me just wanted a lawn service for peanuts... But I do appreciate the referrals from you.
    Call me if you need any help. I believe you have my number via our last pm.
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    I have yet to go in there but I have spoken with them a couple times on the phone. They were actually one of the ones that ticked me off. Granted the owner was out but the guy that answered the phone didn't want to take a couple of minutes to get me some prices on walk behinds. And the one price I did squeez out of him was about $800 more than another dealer in SAR.

    I just don't know why the manafuctureres can't put MSRP's on their websites so that there is some base line for prices so that you can actually compare different machines and weed out overpriced dealers.

    I'm leaning towards a Gravely walk behind. There are one of the best priced and they are quating 8.5 mph forward speeds.

    I'm switching to running nothing but walk behinds. ZTR riders are just too expensive to run and cause too much turf damage. I've picked up 4 jobs this year because people running Z's where tearing up the turf and making a mess, i charged them a premium to mow it with my walk behind and they gladely do it. And to top it all off, I'm getting jobs finished faster with my 36" walkbehind than I am with my 48" Z. So I figure a 52" walk behind with 23 hp should slam out these accounts like nothing, and on top of that generate a buss with the neighbors who are still getting their flowerbeds mowed down by 72" decks.


    how has your year been so far?
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    when I was in orlando I used the off months "december-feb" to do my shopping. You could find better deals near the end of the year, and it was slow enough that dealers were willing deal a bit to keep stuff moving in their shops.
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    things aren't too bad, just a little slow right now... Waiting for this commercial gig to come together and then everything will be great..

    It is nice to hear that you are doing so well... If you wanna dump a few accounts, let me know... :]

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