Does John Dere/Lesco tax your supplies?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Haggerty, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. They never ask me, just tax it as if it wasn't for resale. Like maybe I was applying 30 bags of fertilizer at home!
    I'm kind of steamed 'cause I didn't notice it until I got home, 50 miles away. It's $100! MY $100!!

    Are they pulling this crap on everybody? Or is it just my store?

    Because if they're taxing supplies and giving the money to the state it's just stupid! And if they're keeping the money it's crooked.

    The last time I caught them at the store they said "I didn't have a tax exemption cartificate on file with them". I filled one out after they reluctantly gave me the form and they put it on file. Even though that form hasn't been legal in Ohio for 3 years!

    At TSC they ALWAYS ask "tax exempt?" I always have to tell them "no" cause it screws up my wife's bookwork.
    But Lesco pretty much ONLY sells supplies for resale. And they don't even ASK if it's taxable!

    Are you guys getting this too?
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    Do you charge your customers sales tax?
  3. Heck yeah, It's the law here in Ohio, tax materials AND labor.

    But even if I didn't what business is it of theirs? ONLY the final consumer pays sales tax. And if their selling fertilizer by the skid load they can pretty much figure I'm NOT the consumer.
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    I dont think they are trying to force you to pay the tax. Its not like they will benefit from collecting it.
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    I still have a $69.xx credit that I'm unable to utilize at store level. You just reminded me. They hit me for tax around this time last year IIRC, I had the main office correct it, and its still there as a credit, yet at store level it isn't showing up.

    But for years I was tax exempt, and then boom, they started charging me.

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    i believe if you already paid taxes on it once, you dont have to charge them again, also you must have a tax exempt form on file with them. check with your local sales and use tax commission.
  8. OK, I just called Lesco, they're mailing me a "tax exempt" form which I'll send back to the store and they'll send to corporate and they'll re-credit my credit card.

    I'm expecting the same success as TLS.

    I really hate having to jump thru hoops to get my own money back. What, did they become "retail only" when they were bought by John Deere?

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