Does New 7001 BP Gain Power after Break-in?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hillndale, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. hillndale

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    from Maine
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    Just got a Redmax 7001 (499.00 +T) Wanted the 8000, but dealer was going full retail plus, at over 700 bucks. Oh well-only-game in town, and a Walker dealer with massive ego & terrible customer skills. Back to the ?-- Does the blower get a little more powerful after break-in? I read folks with the 8000, seemed to think theirs got better. I mean it's OK, but I was expecting even more power. Also what octane gas do you mix. Manual says at least 89. My stihl equipment likes high octane. Hey thanks for all the great info from the brilliant minds here at LS. :dizzy:
  2. 65hoss

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    I run 87 with Opti 2 for years. Yes they will get better with some break in.
  3. lazer 46

    lazer 46 LawnSite Senior Member
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    $700 plus? I guess your dealer does have an ego problem. I paid $499 plus tax for the 8000. What a great blower. Moves a lot of leaves.
  4. LCME

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    Have the 7001 new a few weeks ago. Gone thru 4 tank fulls. Yes, I believe I'm getting more power now. Every little bit helps. No way would I pay $700 for 8000. But, did you know you could of spent $430 on ebay?. :dizzy:
  5. ITL

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    I think I might be looking for the next town's dealer to purchase from. Have to agree your dealer must have an expensive ego. Picked my Redmax EBZ8000RH up for $481. I chose to not use local dealer as he is not stocking the 8000 until next spring as he wants to sell 7001 now for $429. He would "special order" a 8000 for 549 if I pay his shipping. I said no thanks it leaf season now and price is a little high. If anyone wants a 8000 and can not find at their dealer let me know as this dealer said he could sell for 481 and include no charge 3 day ground shipping to 48 states.

    Regarding the fuel question. The Redmax 8000 states to use 89 RON (Research Octane Number). Most US fuel is sold by the R+M (Research plus Motor) Octane rating. As I remember Research number is higher than the Motor number so regular unleaded 87 (R+M) octane should meet the requirements. I used 93 octane for the first gallon of fuel with 40:1 mix of Mobil One MX2T full synthetic. After the first gallon I used 87 octane with the 50:1 MX2T Mixed. Seem to run the same with both. I just like a little more oil and octane when the engine parts are new for the initial "break in".
  6. hillndale

    hillndale LawnSite Member
    from Maine
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    Thanks for the replies--the fuel info was very helpful. The prices you paid were depressing. I hated to give this particular dealer a penny, I needed the blower & then worried about service needs if I got it mail order. The other dealer wanted cash up front,(still $489) 'cause he wasn't stocking 'till next spring.'s leaf season now. They squeeze ya pretty good up here in Maine. I guess I've learned. The big stuff you buy local--the small stuff get it any way you can as cheap as you can. Thanks again all!

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