does round up help before putting mulch

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by guven, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. guven

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    Today I did an estimate

    the home owner wants to put down round up( I think it is weed killer) he said its going to help alot , we do not need put 3''mulch.I said ok. is anyone doing like this .
  2. ATVracer

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    Roundup will only kill weeds/grass that have already sprouted, it has no residual or pre-emergemce effect. Also if you don't know what round-up is you cannot legally apply it to anything. Have the guy buy some professional Preen or something of that nature and he must put it down himself.
  3. VO Landscape Design

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    Roundup kills weeds, grass already up. It dissipates when it hits the ground. The soil is negatively charged and the roundup is positively charged so when they come in contact they neutralize themselves. Least thats what my turf teacher said.
  4. bahamamills

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    I am yes a newbie so don't beat me up I am just asking out of curiosity because I have read in multiple threads the comments regarding fertilizer, pre-emergents and the such. I keep seeing that it is illegal to put this out without licenses in certain area. My question is, does Lowes and Homedepot and others stores not sell this with spreaders and all to regular customers. If so how does the state enforce someone buying 10-10-10 and putting it on their lawn.

    I am really not trying to stir the pot just curious.
  5. MowerMedic77

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    The laws apply to commercial application(and applicators)
  6. bahamamills

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    Ah now that does make sense..
  7. Duekster

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    You can not apply any pest control product including weed killers for profit on another persons property. Some States regulate even fertilizers. Fertilizer is in many cases as bad or worse for the lakes and streams than are the weed killers.

    Welcome to the industry. You may buddy up with an applicators and give referals.
  8. ACutAboveNC

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    Duekster is right. It is illegal to put down chemicals for profit. The law in NC says however that you are aloud to put out ferts, only if the fert is not a combo product like Pre-m.
  9. bigtex

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    The Best Way To Eliminate Weeds Under Mulch Is A Weed Mat/blocker, For Long Term Affects. I've Seen Weed Mat Last 3 Or 4 Years. Roundup Under Mulch Will Be Good For A Few Months(maybe) But They'll Come Back. Sounds Like The Customer Thinks He Can Save $ By Not Going 3". But U Should Tell Him If You Do It His Way With Roundup An Less Than 3" Mulch There's A Good Chance You'll See Weeds In A Few Months. That Way Your Not Gonna Get A Phone Call With Him Bitchin In August.
  10. mslawn

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    What? When did roundup become a pre-m? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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