Does running power equip. bring out the bums and vagrants

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by huh, Jul 10, 2007.

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    so I do mow for the city code enforcement mostly (or those that call me before the city sends me) and I live in and work in an area that is "coming back", but damn it seams as soon as I start something and run it the bums and vagrants and the "say mains" come out of the wood work

    I know I notice them because I am already tired of them and I know they are always "around", but they sure seam to like to get closer to where I am at and cut across the field a bit more than normal when I am around

    I guess maybe I am just tired of all the feral humans in society as it is, but when you are out busting your ass and people aimlessly going nowhere come cutting across the lot or walk closer to where you are shooting rocks and glass out the side shoot than they normally would if you were not just have to ask WTF.

    I chalk it up to them waiting for me to turn my old tired ass around and they can juke something and put in their weeks worth of "effort" in one fell swoop running from me

    little do they know I will just get in my truck and run their ass over.....then go right back to working

    at this point I am considering a CC License.....I don't really feel scared of them, but I am too tired to chase them I would rather just blow them away and load them with the brush for the dump

    my business is SMALL, but I am incorporated and insured for 1,000,000 liability and 1,000,000 on the truck so it is not like I am out there changing the world either (but I have made some crappy stuff look decent), but damn it gets old seeing able bodies feral losers walking to no where all day.....much less "creepin round" in the dark all night

    even worse it the "hey $25 to help you push off this lot and its weeds"

    I still doubt I would have gotten my $25 out of that deal even though this job is busting my ass bad
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    do not disturb sign on mower or tractor.

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