Does the PLUGR really work?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mikel, Sep 30, 2005.

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    I will be buying a couple of new aerators this winter for spring work and have been researching the PLUGR. There are none in our area so I have read everything I can find, but would like feedback from people who actually own them. The design of the machine appears to be too good to be true, which is usually the case. The machines will be operated in medium to heavy clay conditions and landscaped lawns between 8,000 and 15,000 sq. ft. and only small hills and slopes. So here are the questions I need some help with.

    1. When you first engage the tines to make a pass do they engage the turf quickly or do they tear the turf before they begin to plug? The reason I ask this is because they appear to swing back and forth from engagement to disengagement

    2. Do the tines really propel the machine or do you have to push it along?

    3. If the tines propel the machine is it a slow, medium, or fast pace?

    4. What is the plug depth in moist soil conditions - not wet - just moist?

    Any other information or feedback either positive or negative would be greatly appreciated. Hate to buy something and find out it doesn't work.

    Thanks in advance,
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    I think you will be very satisfied picking the pluger. The only improvment they can make is to make it propeled. That would make it the number one pick and all other aerators would go out of business.

    To answer your questions.
    1. They will tear the turf your first couple of times because you are not used to the machine. I.e holding it back initially. Just like when you get a z or wb you will tear up some turf untill you get used to it.

    2. Tines do propel the machine in a rather leaserly walking speed. On a relativly simple landscapeing minor hills very few obsticals it takes roughly 1.5 hrs to aerate an acre for the 400 series pluger. the 800 would cut that in half. You will sometimes have to help it move up the small hills faster as it will put more holes per sq ft going up hills and less going down if you do not help it.

    3. Like said in 2 it is a slow to medium pace just like a blue bird or Ryan.

    4. in just moist (where I like it) soil it will produce from 2.5-3" 5/8" cores. It does the best of all the aerators I have used in clay soil. I use a bb and ryan and was only able to get 2" on the same prop that I was getting 3" with pluger. I actually finished close to a half hour quicker also due to being able to keep moving and skip over sprinkler heads and other objects.

    I belive that pluger will send you the model you want and if you are not satisfied you can pay for shipping back. Not sure but was offered to me when I purchased mine.
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    I own the plugr pl8-- and have for 3 years -- best walkbehind aerator made -- and I 've used them all.

    Silldoc answered most of your questions.

    Thay have just developed a new Plugr -- the 850 -- it is self propelled:

    Here a quick blurb about it:

    HydroPro Plugr

    SourceOne is expanding its Plugr line of reciprocating power turf aerators with the addition of the PL850 HydroPro. It is designed to reduce operator fatigue on uphill grades, loose and sandy soils, and highly cushioned turf grasses such as St. Augustine and Zoysia. The PL850 has a powerful, single-component, hydrostatic-drive transmission for self-propelled operator ease. Adjustable operating speed allows aeration to be performed at a pace that is suitable for the terrain, landscape design, turf condition and operator comfort. With the tines disengaged, this aerator can be operated in either forward or reverse for easier transport and loading. The PL850 is available with either a 5.5-hp. Honda OHV or 6.5-hp. Briggs & Stratton Intek engine and has the same low-maintenance, easy-operating cam-driven tines found on all Plugr turf aerators. In addition, the PL850 carries a 2-year warranty.
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    Why ohhh WHy did they not come out with that last year. Cry Cry Cry. I would have spent a million dollars for it. Oh well couple more years and I will be needing a new one.
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    The Blue Bird is slow to medium pace? I bought one used and I have to run it at idle to keep up with it. I admit I'm getting a little long in the tooth and would sure like to slow this thing down. Do they use different pulleys or something?
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    2005 Plugr pl 800 with low hours and still under warranty. This one has approximately 75 hours on it and the honda motor.

    pm or email to wholesalers at


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