Does this look like a good deal?


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east texas
I am thinking about buying this trailer. This is the actual ad:

2002 6'x 12' lawn trailor, practically brand new selling to upgrade. trailor is in mint cond. trimmer/edger rack, back pack blower rack, fold down ramp style rear, water treated deck, tires brand new, only used trailor for 6 mo. must sell $950 obo. great trailor for 2 mower lawn business!!!


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is it single or double axel.
If you run z's or several walks you might want to forgo and get a double axel for the extra added weight on a single can get you a ticket or worse break and ruin all of your equiptment.

If you only have a couple of mowers and little supplies you can start out with it and upgrade in the future.

Jason Rose

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Sounds like a pretty decent deal. My 2 cents, go a bit bigger and a tandem axle. they ride so much better than a single, which in turn means less bumps and jarring for your equipment. Texas is trailer country, every trailer I have owned (4 of them) has come from texas. Best built and cheapest there is! That's an ok price considering it comes with the racks too.


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Arlington, WA
Around here that would go for 1300$ at least. Brand new would run over 2k. If that trailer was for sale here for that price I'd jump all over it.


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Smithfield, NC
Bought my 6.5X12 new for $935. Everything you listed except the racks They aren't that much. You can probably buy new for just a little more with the same stuff.


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Raleigh, NC
I only pay $950 for 16x7 foot trailers here. I've bought several of them. But thats not with all the racks. It sounds like a pretty good deal to me if it is dual axle. If it isn't dual axle I wouldn't touch it!


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Winchester, VA
I agree that you need a tandem axle, it will carry the weight better when the time comes for your business to expand to larger heavier machines.

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I bought my first trailer 11 years ago 6x10 enclosed since then i have learn that if u are going to make ago of it in this business and plan on being init for the long haul. buy big . After one year i trade in that trailer and bought a 6x 12 open trailer. I now own 5 trailers in all 6 if u count our bobcat trailer for the bobcat. We own 1 6x12 1 6 x 16 3 7.5 x 18 we started buying the extra wide trailers because you can turn a z turn riding mowers side ways on them allowing you to put 3 riders on it or what ever configuration of mowers you want on it . buy big never can have enough room.

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