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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by corey4671, Nov 9, 2007.

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    I was in the doc's office yesterday afternoon and as I was waitin on saw bones in the exam room looking out the window, I noticed the back yard of this complex which also houses a physical therapy office and a hair salon. I noticed the LCO had done what I considered a half a$$ job and wondered what you guys thought. To me it seems it would have made this yard look much better had the time been spent to simply blow the leaves over into the wooded area. Also, you really can't see it from the pic, but just below the window, the ground was wet and some serious rutting and tracking is visible. Pardon the quality of the photo as it was with my phone and through the window with a lot of glare.

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    There is likely a reason for that, but I learned it is ok to look and it is better to just keep all that to myself, don't judge another man's work and let it be somebody else's problem. Who knows, maybe doc isn't such a good payer, maybe the Lco is overbooked, maybe he felt it was nothing doing and better wait another week but since he stopped he felt like doing something...

    Who knows for sure, I'm just saying, you never can tell.
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    If the doctor was only maying to have the lawn mowed, would you clean the leaves for free? Lots of small business, including doctors offices, want you to treat them like the person who mows their house, so much to mow the lawn, so much for shrubs, ect.

    He may not have had a full maintainence contract
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    I'm sorry....I am not seeing the problem. I see a mowed lawn with some shredded up leaves on it, along side a woods line that hasn't hardly beGUN to drop it's leaves yet.I would invite you to come around here to check out some properties (mine included) done by lawn services of customers paying for about the same level of service. On most jobs, the leaves get mulched and kept shuffled on top until right toward the end when they are picked up.
    I see your point of how easy it would be to just blow them into the field, and when I first started out, I had the same mentality. However, some of these services are loaded to the hilt, and minutes of the day are crucial - especialy with the shorter day now to be repeating work. You have to take care of the paying customers for what they are paying for.
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    I agree with the point being made by all of you here so far. I just seemed to me, and I am by NO means the end all authority on anything, but it seems to me it wouldn't have taken that much longer to blow these into the woods. HOwever, I agree with the point that if you give somebody an inch they'll take a mile from you when they get the chance. I'm not stainding in judgement of this guy(or his crew). Just knowing that this is on a very busy corner lot with a lot of visibility this could have been mulched up more or blown into the woods. Didn't mean to come across like I was looking down my nose at this guy.

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