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Does this name sound weird? Help with cards


LawnSite Member
Well im finally going to go to the clerks office to register my Business name
Mustardseed Lawn Care .Does it sound weird to you for being a lawncare buisness. please help with the cards and magnets. I have to order today to get free shipping saves me about 18$ (Vistaprint) the first 3 are cards the rest are door magnets keep in mind im not finish with the cards Im still moving things around and colors on letters . need help desiding on what background Thank you ..






LawnSite Member
Personally, its either the sun/leaf layouts or the one with the WB. The ones with the grass are a little hard to read.

I think that I would go with the sun/leaf one because that could be easily used as your logo as it sits. One change though, please do not use arial/helvetica/time roman if at all possible.


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Worcester, MA
Some are mustardseed and some are mustard seed. why the difference? maybe its a typo.

i really like your first two options of each post. They look nice, never seen it before really