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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cranium2001, May 19, 2007.

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    I gave an estimate to do 56 gas wells all within an approximately 20 square mile radius once a month for $25.00 per well. The average well area to be trimmed is under .10 acres and the gentleman who is in charge of the wells in this township has even given me a list in the order his well tender runs the route (which by his calculations) is the shortest route. There are eight concentrated areas with four or five wells within a mile of each other and the rest are a little spread out. They only need it once a month and we already discussed not treating the areas because of EPA concerns. In the past he has had the well tender use a string trimmer to clear all the areas as he reads the charts. I guess it takes too long to trim, chart, and check the wells on his schedule so he is going to hire it out. He gave the o.k. today to start and I am just wondering if anyone has ever had this type of job and if there may be something better to ude than a string trimmer. The job does have its hazards and a brushcutter wouldn't be prudent. Obviously at the main tank where the gas runs through I wouldn't want to "SPARK" up any problems and the water tanks are all poly tanks so I can't use that there either. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    Just some heavy duty string. Maybe one of those DR chopper things.
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    Try one of those walk behind trimmer things. We have one and it cuts long grass well. Just be carfeul, they throw stuff everywhere having the string but no cover over it.
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    Thanks guys. I appreciate the input.
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    Another idea could be using something like Stihl's Kombi system with an articulating hedge trimmer at the end.

    Also I think Shindiawa makes an articluating type brushcutter, it's two round heads with teeth that oscillate back and forth to cut dense growth.

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