Does this sound like a good deal?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by clean_cut, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. clean_cut

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    I found a used mower on craiglist, its a Scag 52" hydro. The guy bought it from his friend who said it was 05 or 06. It was going to be used commercially, but he bought a ztr instead, it has 100 hours (approx.) with both usesrs combined. It has been sitting with grass on it for 1 year in a garage, but he will get it serviced (new plugs, oil, greased, etc.) to make sure it works. It also comes with a sulky/velke one wheel (better than nothing). He is selling it for $2800 Or best offer, do you think it is a good deal?

    By the way, my mom thinks that it will be to big for residential lawns, she thinks I should get a smaller mower (48") but that wouldn't be much diffrent would it? I don't want to get a 36" because I already have a 21" for the small areas.

    So what do you think?

    Thanks in advance:clapping:
  2. clean_cut

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    Anybody? What do you guys think?
  3. clean_cut

    clean_cut LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Where is everyone? lol
  4. scooterdayton

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    get a 72" diesel. that way when you mow a lawn your also rolling it, and you can charge them double for smoothing out the bumps. just attach a winch line to it incase it rains out, so you can pull yourself out.
  5. clean_cut

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    That is just the best Idea ever!!! :rolleyes: Instead of using a winch, I could just borrow my neighbors sled dogs, I don't think they would notice. Haha :hammerhead:

    So what do you guys really think about the mower? Good deal?

    I just have one problem now, how am I going to transport two mowers a trimmer, and a leaf blower around the neghiborhood all at the same time?:hammerhead:
  6. JDiepstra

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    That seems like a good price to me if the hours are accurate. I mow my resi's with a 60". You should be fine. Just don't spray clippings in the mulch with it!
  7. clean_cut

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    Yeah, I'll try to get use to a side discharg over a mulching,lol.

    Do you guys think I should buy a bag ($400 :hammerhead:) or buy mulching blades and a cover for the discharge shoot (approx. $150 for cover/blades) or should I just stick with side discharge?:confused:

    Also any tips on transporting everything around the neighborhood being only 14?

    Thanks for all of the help guys.
  8. DT Lawn Care

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    It is personal preference on mulching/discharging, and also depends on your mowing conditions. My Gravely 50" came with a mulch kit installed, and he gave me the discharge blades too. Well, last spring, it was really wet and really tall conditions, so I tried it without the mulch kit. The difference was like night and day. Discharging works A LOT better for me, because my mowers bog down with the wetter conditions in MI, and they spread the clippings very nicely.

    If you are mowing in shorter grass, drier, or both conditions, the mulching will probably be better for you. But like I said, it's personal preference. With that mower, you probably wouldn't have problems bogging down.

    But, to answer your original question, that sounds like a good deal considering it has such low hours on it. That's how I like to buy my mowers, used, but with low hours.

    Good Luck, and if you buy it, hope you like it! :)
  9. clean_cut

    clean_cut LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Ok, thanks for the great help, any suggestions on transporting the equiupment? Maybe go and do all the yards with a 52", then take the 21 and do backyards, small spots, etc., then go out with the trimmer and blower, what do you think?

    Again, thanks for the help.
  10. topsites

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    I wouldn't buy it for the simple reason that it wasn't taken care of, granted the guy is being upfront about it
    and I have to respect the honesty, but taking it to the dealer to have them fix up a bunch of last minute things
    doesn't count, the price needs to reflect the fact that it was neglected and in my opinion it does not.

    On the issue of size, the 52" will almost never fit through a single gate, the 48" will fit through most all 4-foot wide ones,
    the two most standard sizes of gates are 3, and 4 feet wide (for single gates anyhow).
    Other than that, no, there isn't much of a difference.
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