Does this sound like a good equipment list?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by sedlmeier101, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. sedlmeier101

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    Ok, Starting up my business soon, It's kinda crazy trying to get everything together since I am starting up from scratch. I've got a truck and trailer lined up but I have my eye on some power equipment...Keep in mind this is my first year so I'm not going crazy..My goal is to have about 10 residental accounts and maybe 2-4 commercal accounts. The biggest amount of mowing I'm going to be doing is probably about 1-2 acres at the most.

    The biggest purchase would be a 48-52" walk behind. I'm going with the walk behind because they seem like they do just as good as job as a rider and are much cheaper, am I correct? It seems like everyone on this board is very fond of exmark and lesco there any others I should look for? Also will this mower be a good size for small lawns (<1/4 acre) and for bigger lawns (>1 acre) Should I buy one with a mulcher kit as well so I don't have to deal with clippings?

    The second purchase would be of a 21" push mower. I think it would be pointless to spend mad amounts of money on one of these seeing as how it would be used sparingly just to mow the grass that the above mower can't reach. Would a 21" mower from lowes work? Obv. a name brand one for about $300.

    I'm also going to purchase 2 string trimmers. These always seem like they have problems so Incase one breaks I'll have a back up. Any recomendations?

    A back pack blower will be added to my equipment list for obvious well as rakes,shovels and other hand tools.

    Any other power equipment that I need? Help is appreciated!
  2. lawnpro724

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    Check out Toro's new walk behind mowers their 2007 line of mowers are the best out there. I would also suggest going with Toro proline commercial 21" but if cost is a concern and it sounds like it is try looking at their personal pace super recycler mower its not commercial but it will run circles around their basic personal pace, I would stay away from that one. Trimmers and blowers I would suggest you go with Echo, Stihl, Tanaka either one of these brands will last for years. I have been using Echo and Toro equipment for what seems like ever and they have never let me down. Take a good look at walkbehinds and compare the brands if your going to be using one as your main mower go with the 48". I just bought my new 48" Toro T-bar w/turbo force deck and 15hp v-twin with the Tru Trak sulky and its one of the heaviest duty mowers I have seen in a walkbehind. It just blows away their previous walkbehinds and every other companies walkbehind as well. Check them out and you will see.

    JKOOPERS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    redmax trimmers all the way . by far the best trimmers on the market. mowers are just ones preference . the last guy likes toro , i like exmark .
  4. Mow2nd-2

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    Husquavarna is the way to go. i would go with a 36" instead of a 48"/52" or the 21", because of back gates and with most yards a 36" mower will take you about the same amount of time. don't worry about a mulching kit just use gator blades.
  5. daveintoledo

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    the husquvarna is a really low end entry level mower... if you do a search on there mowers here you will find a pretty low opinion of them....and most who are doing 1 to 2 acres... dont want a 36 inch mower...... your original plan sounds just fine...
  6. Swampy

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    Tip for you: If you want to get commercial accounts with the equipment that you want to start with, bid on gas stations.
  7. lawn guy1350

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    yeh definately dont get husquvarna. please! i agree about Toro. i love my Toros big time. i agree with everything lawnpro said. I also like your plan.
  8. PORTER 05

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    get a 48" Exmark Metro W/ gives a really good cut and is a commercial-grade machine, $2,9999
    i have 1 lawn thats 1.3 acres and with bagging the enntire property takes about 45 mins
  9. Lynden-Jeff

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    A rider IM is a better investment. Unless your doing small properties, a rider is the way to go. When I started I went with a Zt-219 rider from bobcat and a 32" belt drive. The rider was used 99% of the time! I then purchased a 48" hydro wb. Probably would not have done that today but it is still WAYYYYY better then the 32" belt drive. At very minimum go hydro, but a Wright stander or a rider might be the way to go. Look at bobcat if you have them in your area.

  10. cut-1

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    sounds like you got a plan! I always keep a can of fix a flat with me. and "slime" in my mower tires helps prevent flats.

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