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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jonspolaris, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. jonspolaris

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    Just visited my moms Condo and they have a association that hires True green to fertilize the lawns. The Guy told me they "signed up" for the Seven treatment program. He was applying the "winterizer" and it was a 30-0-6, this summer they were laying down 30-0-0 several times. The lawns are irrigated everyday, and I know the Lawn mowers Have threatened to bring in a Combine because it grows so fast.

    What would be a better program for the lawns?
    They are in SE michigan with Fescue grass.

    BTW, The association has no clue what True Green is puting down, they said the lawns look nice and they pay the bill. (Three of the 5 board members are in there 80's)
  2. KLR

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    no, that doesnt sound right. definately should not be running the irrigation everyday
  3. ThreeWide

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    Ideally they should be watering once per week in the absence of rainfall.

    TG/CL uses mostly highly soluable sources of urea (WSN) in their fertilizers. The result is surge growth, and the need for more applications per year since it leaches through the soil quickly.

    The better scenario would be a fert program containing SCU, UF or other slow-release sources of Nitrogen. You will find these types of programs with smaller companies who pride themselves on more managable turf and better results.
  4. Garden Panzer

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    TG does good work, and the Home Owners Assoc. wants it done CHEAP and to look industry standard.... they don't want someone out there EVERYDAY doing something, it makes people uneasy....
    There are allot of better lawns out there than TG, but buck for buck.... it's hard to beat....
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    Speaking of "fertilizer". It's getting pretty deep in here.
    This is like saying Earl Scheib, buck for buck, puts down a better paint job on cars. I could go into this from the soil science standpoint and give SEVERAL reasons why they would not only have better results by putting down the CORRECT stuff for this time of year rather than the JUNK the they put down, but they would also have a much healthier lawn fro a PREVENTIVE standpoint, as well. TG is not even a lawn company, so I don't even entertain the thought that do "good work". Once you know the difference, it is times 10 what you ever thought it would be.
  6. Garden Panzer

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    Urea is Urea, and most places don't want someone to be feathering fert on a weekly basis...
    If something goes adverse, TG will correct any issues....
    Joe Shmoe can't say that....
    as a cutter, I don't like TG, that said- industry standard is industry standard.... TG IS industry standard. Some people just care that much about grass, I hate grass and LOVE to rototill it under and put in plants- but that's me, as long as it looks OK, that's enough....
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    My mom said that they pay TG $1500 a year for 7 "treatments", this is for 2.25 acres.

    Im sure they are getting more Nitrogen than necessary. Would fewer treatments of slow release be better than the stuff TG uses?

    also, they told me they water alot, like 6 times a week for 20min each zone. At my moms its 1.5" of water a week. I think this is excessive, but im not paying the water bill.
  8. jonspolaris

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    Oh, another thing, EVERY year in the spring they get that "red-Thread" fungus. TG or the assocition has done NOTHING about it. It usually goes away after enough treatments of fertalizer, then comes back in the spring. So they think they have "cured" it.
  9. Ric

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    M Math

    My math says they are charging $ 2.19 per thousand Sq Ft. per treatment.

    Is this for Grub control, Weed Control, Surface insects and Fertilizer??? I find it hard believe they can but down quality material and pay over head at this price structure.

    BTW Truegreen seems to be losing out in my area. There work is the pits, however their sales people seem to do a good job of selling the job. They just can't keep the customers.

    The bitterness of poor quality lasts longer than the sweetness of a low price.
  10. jonspolaris

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    I believe that the treatment does cover grub controll, weeds and Fertalizer. Most of the treatments are granular.
    They use a modified Dixie Chopper with a broadcast spreader to spread it. They put it on fast. The Dingbat that does it refills the hopper on the lawns, then spills some fertalizer on the lawns and burns them. IN the spring there was BIG burn spots, and they were watered alot too.

    The association seems happy with them, they told me " the lawns green, thats all that matters too us".

    Another question, Last week the association hire TG to "fertalize" the shrubs. A guy from TG came around with a long nozzle and gave a "shot" to the bushes. The bushes all seemed very healthy, and are all at least 6 years old. Was this a waste of money? I have not seen any benifit from this, except its more money for TG.

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