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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Sain Lawn Care, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. Sain Lawn Care

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    OK everyone I have been lurking in the shadows of LS for over 2 years. In that time I have learned a great deal from everyone thanks for all the post.

    I have just recently (today) been laid off from my job. I have been wanting to go full time with the lawn care which until now has been part time (last year 32 accounts). I am very excited about going full time and also a wee bit scared.

    All my current equipment is paid for:

    48" exmark TTHP
    T-230 shin
    stihl hedge trimmer
    630 shin blower
    6 x 12 trailer
    96 F-150:eek:

    Here is my question. I am thinking should I get a more professional name for the business. I like seeing everyones names and professional done logos.
    Currently I use Sain Lawn Care . Sain is as you can guess my last name. All my life people here my last name and they say stuff like "are you in sane" Ha Ha Ha. They always remember my last name. So, as I look at getting signs for the trailer and truck I am thinking of the signage saying;
    1. Sain Lawn Care "The only Sane Choice"
    2. Sain Lawn Care "Don't let lawn care drive you crazy"
    With both choices I would have a person's face looking crazy, eye popping out etc.
    I hesitate with this idea because I want to be as professional as possible. However I think people will notice and remember the name.

    Please give me you honest feedback.
    Man I am excited about going at this full time.
    Boo Ya
  2. tiedeman

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    I like number one :)
    I wouldn't necessarily put a crazy face though. Whatever drives people to you and however they remember your name, even if it sounds crazy go for it. Your attitude and quality on the job site will back up the professionalism
  3. LawnPerfect

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    And I have to pick number two.
    I like your ideas. I would say that you have a sane idea.
    cheesy pun I know.
  4. promower

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    Im going with #2 or something along those lines How bout Sain lawn care, the only guy that can work a WB in a straight jacket
  5. dvmcmrhp52

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    Good to have you finally posting!LOL.
    As for going full time.......With your current equipment paid for and having 32 accounts last year,I'd say you'll make a go of it ,just need a few more accounts,but I don't see that as a problem for you.
    The name...........Have fun with it,It's the quality and service that count not so much the name.
    Good luck,and enjoy!
  6. impactlandscaping

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    I like number two.Good luck going full time, you have all the knowledge and support you could ever need right here at LS. If you really want to stand out, contact these guys: , and have them do a custom logo and signage for you.<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a><a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a><a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
  7. OP
    Sain Lawn Care

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    Thanks for the replies.
    - I get hung up on the face thing myself. Seems to easy for it to be comical. I guess the design would play a big part. I keep seeing the enclosed trailer that will be purchased in the next year or two, and I see the face being possibley too much.

    Check this out 2 post in one day. Holy cow I amaze myself sometimes. LOL
  8. JimLewis

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    I have several thoughts on the name & slogans.

    First, I don't like the name, I'll be honest. It just doesn't stand out to me like something I'd remember if I saw it. But that's just me. If everyone else is telling you it's great and easy to remember, so be it. It's just to me, it seems hard to remember.

    The second thing I don't like about the name is that it is too limiting. What if one day you decide to go beyond just lawn care. I know that seems like a stretch to you now. I felt that way too, in the beginning. When I started, I honestly NEVER thought I'd get into landscaping, installation, irrigation systems, drainage, etc. But here I am 8 years later doing all of that stuff. Fortunately, I didn't call our company Lewis Lawn Care because I would have had to change it later when I got into other landscaping work. The term "Lawn Care" makes it sound as if you ONLY do lawn work - nothing else. And while that's true now, it may not always be. Then you'll regret the name and want to change it.

    From a marketing standpoint, I think names like ____ Landscaping or _________ Landscape Services or _________ Grounds Services or _________ Landscape Industries are good choices. It leaves it broad enough for expansion later.

    Now as to the slogans - personally - I think they're way cheesy. They're cute. But they don't promote professionalism to me. I don't see big professional companies with cheesy slogans and crazy looking guys as their logos.

    Sorry to rain on your parade. I am excited that you're taking the plunge! That's awesome. But you wanted honest opinions. I've given mine.
  9. Norm Al

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    i like #1 BUT i wouldnt go with the face deal,,,,,,i would bring something else that adds some classyness to your sign

    having a joke but then tempering it with style to me would atract business minded people! people do like humor but there is a point of to far!
  10. OP
    Sain Lawn Care

    Sain Lawn Care LawnSite Member
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    Thanks I was looking at gopher's site yesterday. I agree they have some nice stuff. I also agree the knowledge and support that I have found here at LS has been fantastic.

    straight jacket ..... now were talking. LOL

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