does yearly accounts eliminate spring and fall clean ups


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jacksonville fl
I was curious to know if you guys that do accounts year around still have to do fall and spring cleanups or is this just something you do for new customers that you have not services before. I would figure that if you went every week during the cutting months and every other week in the non cutting season that you would keep on top of things and not let the property get really bad in the off season. Also how would explain to a yearly customer that spring and fall cleanups are separate services when they might assume that is included in thier monthly bill.


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Kitty Hawk, NC
On a very small scale. Because we service the account weekly year round there is not as much to do as on an account that has been left all winter.


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I would think fall and spring clean ups would not be required if you were serviceing an account year round. It all depends on what is included in the bid.


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Cocoa Florida
I am also in FL, so I may have a better idea of what you are asking. I put in my bids (full service) that I do all trimming that can be reached without a ladder as part of the service contract.

So if they have an oak that needs trimmed, I can't reach the whole thing so that would come under spring clean up. same thing with cabbage palms and the like.

Some properties never really need that spring or fall clean up. All small ornamentals. Others need the oak leaves removed, oaks and palms trimmed, certain hedges need severe fall or spring trimming. If I will need to make a dump just from their house that isn't included either.

Explain up front and people (customers you want anyway) will understand.