Does your City remove debris?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Feb 16, 2000.

  1. MOW ED

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    I find myself fortunate in some respects, some of the cities around where I work (Green Bay Wi. area)have spring and fall yard waste curbside pickup for -get this- FREE. Do you have this luxury? If not what do you have to charge to haul and dispose of yard waste? Believe it or not I have people still tell me that they want debris removed during spring and fall? I must say sometimes the cities get a little behind but they eventually pick it all up.<br>On the same line my compost site is free to dump in. Its not supposed to be for Commercial but it is never enforced. <br>
  2. Lazer

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    We have a municipality here that does the same thing. Only pick-up in the fall though.
  3. Charles

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    Ours picks up all year around. No pickup in the county though.
  4. jeffclc

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    Our trash haulers will pick up clippings if they are in trash bags. Come fall, they stop. The township then reequires you to put all yard waste (leaves) in the brown paper bags. They pickup every two weeks.<p>The only other option is to dump at private sites, at a cost of $8-$9/yard. None of the townships will let you dump on their compost piles.
  5. NateinAtl

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    Winter damage pick up here in Atlanta and surrounding areas. But VERY SLOOOOOW
  6. HOMER

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    Our city picks up year round, once a week they come by and get it. Commercial CO.'s cannot use it to dump. Never understood that!
  7. ashlandscaping

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    Around here you can put yard waste into village only paper bags and put to the curb some town you have to buy a sticker on top of the bag to have it picked up. During fall most town have curb side pickup of leaves and leaves only. They have a large vacum that they pull behind the dump truckes. And in winter they have once a month pick up of limbs. But other wise you have to go to the dump. Grass clipping 13 per yard limbs 12 to 18 per yard sod 18 to 20 a yard. It can add up.

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