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Does your contract include leaf removal?


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Northeast Ohio
For those of you using contracts, what do you have in them for this time of year when the leaves are falling alittle? You know, theres just enough to need double cut or mulched up but not enough to crack out the blowers and loader.

My contract doesn't stat anything about this. Most of the lawns are going to need double cut this week, and I'll charge accordingly.

If you don't use contracts or they don't stat about this what do you do? Just mow it up and charge accordingly? Or if you have to get the blower out to blow the driveway off into the lawn and then mow, do you charge extra?

I'm just gearing up for this because I have a few older clients that freaked out when I gave them their estimate for mowing, I can only imagine what they do when theres extra on their monthly bill, they're going to snap probably payup

mow king

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I've been wondering about this myself, This is the first year that I've been doing mowing prior to that I exclusively did landscaping.

Are you just going to mulch the leaves or are you going to bag them?


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Northeast Ohio
This week double cut them, I don't have a mulch kit on my mower so its side discharge but the gators cut it up good. If I had a mulch kit I'd be able to mow it up till the end of the year probably with mowing once a week. But I have a vac system I'll put on the mower in the next week probably.


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I don't know whether you mean written or verbal, but to me a contract signed by mouth is as good as one in black and white.
That having been said...
I wouldn't really have a problem with it, were it not for the fact that MOST people act like it ought to cost $15/hour to get them cleaned up. Because of this overwhelming cheapness, I do not advertise nor do I mention anything about leaves to anybody the entire year. Come time to do them, I decide who gets them done and who does not, I never said I do them but if you're one of my better customers, then no problem.



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We don't charge any extra for leaves it doesn't take that much longer since we mulch year round. We use four man crews so the blow guy rounds up any strays and blows them into the yard before the mow guy stops. Over the years I got tired of trying to get customers to pay extra, so we just shut up and mulched them. If a customer says anything about how it looks then we tell them we will bag the remains for $10.


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Here is what I have

This section is for the Fall Clean-up itself

H.) Fall Clean-up will include: Picking up debris and leaves from all landscaped beds and turf areas on the above mentioned property and placing in an area designated by the client as suitable for dumping debris. Fall Clean-up services will commence around October 15th and continue until Approximately December 1st. This service will be conducted approximately every 7- 14 days at the discretion of the contractor. The cost for this service is based on the estimated time spent per visit. In the event of excessive leaf/ debris coverage on the client’s grounds, additional charges may apply. If the client elects to have the debris removed from the property the charge(s) for this service are as outlined under the section titled: Additional Services. Debris will be placed on the street in front of the property and will be taken at the time of the last visit.

And this section is for leaves/ debris that fall during the season

CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL: The Contractor shall not be responsible for damages to the landscape due to natural disaster(s) including, but not limited to, hurricanes, tornados, thunderstorms, flooding, drought, freezes, etc…, or damage caused by any person(s) other than the Contractor’s employees. In the event of excessive debris such as (tree limbs, sticks, leaves etc…) that impede the performance of any services rendered under this agreement, the contractor may elect to remove any obstructions (debris) and charge a service charge if such services are required. If hauling of any debris is requested by the client, additional charges may apply.
In the event that the contractor arrives at the property to provide service, but cannot gain access to the property due to circumstances such as (a locked gate, pesticide application or other work being performed at the location) the client will be charged a regular fee even though we were unable to service the inaccessible portion(s) of the property. If we have to return and service the remaining portion(s) of the property, an additional fee may be charged. It is the client’s responsibility to notify Cutting Edge Landscaping, Inc., in advance of other services being performed at the above mentioned location such as (pavement work, painting or any other home improvement services) that might prevent the contractor from rendering the services covered under this agreement.

Hope this helps,


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I just mow them over 1 time like normal.

I do all contracts, and it's stated that fall clean-up will be after October 15th, or start whenever the majority of leaves begin to fall.

If just 5-10 leaves are down, it's not going to matter, because as soon as I leave and there's a little wind, there's going to be another 5-10 leaves.

If I get there and a whole tree is down, then it's time to start running the bagger.