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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by 1idejim, Sep 22, 2012.

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    One could have a significant increase in water usage without a corresponding increase in their bill.
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    Just take the meter out..problem solved :)
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    As usual another thread bites the dust.

    My orignal post was about how one public entity made a customer aware of a potential leak somewhere on their property.

    Good for them, they used data that they had already collected and put it to use in a positive manner in an effort to rein in waste.

    If you really think that it is not a purveyors duty to raise a question when they see a potential issue then what do you think when one of your employees ignores the oil or tires of the company rigs? Same thing only different, right.

    I am fortunate to live in the country, don't really care about the cost of water because it is damned near free here and we have lots of it.

    What i do care about are my kids and grandkids, your kids too. Water may be plentiful here and now but what about in the not too distant future.

    Every little bit helps.
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    Jim - I think it is great that they do it. But I don't think it is their responsibility. Two different things. the person is a customer, using the water they provide. For us, the water bill will usually jump significantly 2-5 different months a year. Is it the district's responsibility to notify us each of those months?

    It's one thing if a district employee sees a leak running down the road (similar to what you mentioned of an employee seeing an oil leak), and notifying the customer. But seasonally, our water usage will climb, a lot in some cases. A jump in usage is not always a problem, and I don't want big brother always spying on me.

    Geez, I guess I should sign off of LS again :dizzy:
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    {insert Big Government rant here} :p
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    Dana i see no reason to leave LS over points of view. We dissagree, there is no dislike involved, plain and simple.
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    Muni authorities aren't going send special notices or make phone calls, if they can't defend it come budget time. Computer monitoring could generate emails to customers, without costing a bundle.
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    Hey! That's my line. :waving::drinkup:
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    'cept you didn't leave in a huff - you left in a twinkie
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    Well, when doing the initial testing this AM i figured they were losing around 20,000 gal. per month. That was just less than 1/2 gpm.

    The leak was under the house and i wound up dowsing the line under the house on my belly with my voodoo sticks.

    There wasn't enough noise to pinpoint it with the Fisher but it did get us in the right area.

    We worked hard to find the leak since there were no telltale signs of water till i opened the ground with the spade.

    Drove straight to a quick dive job and was on the road by 3.

    Today wasn't pretty but we did get'rdun.
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