does your sales rep. trouble shoot lawn problems with you.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. ant

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    does he go out and trouble shoot lawn problems with you?
  2. Garth Sweet

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    My rep goes with me anytime I ask. If I have one property that needs checked he will check without me. And one step further, when i was on vacation last year he made sure that a problem did not occur with a property.

    Excellent service and helps us make money too.
  3. bobbygedd

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    no, my guy just yells at me, "if u dont know the problem, how the hell am i supposed to know?"
  4. morturf

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    This is funny because one of my reps and I were laughing about this the other day.

    I purchased a small amount of a new insecticide that was labeled for billbugs for a limited trial. I also used up the product I purchased the year before. In one neighborhood I applied the carryover product to about every other yard because they were mowed when I went thru and then 3 days later came thru and applied the new product to the remaining yards. In a month the billbugs show up in only the yards I applied the new product to. The apps were timely, so I called the sales rep. He came up and looked at the yards I referenced and he could not find a billbug but in every one of them I did. He did admit they looked "a little off".

    He called the mfg rep, he flies in from another part of the country. He has a PhD. in entomology, he can't find the bug but says the yards do look "kind of funny". I produce at least 3 bugs in every yard. He says maybe I am a little too critical and that if they are that hard for him to find this is really a minor problem. I said maybe minor to him, but he could cut me a check for the retreat, time, and refurbish along with a refund for his product. I thought he was gonna faint, he said no way would he go for that. He knew that this was a trial for me and that is why I did the way I did, how would he like it if I had about 250 lawns that looked like this and he would be responsible. Then one of my customers pulls in the drive, and asks what all the fuss is about so I showed the problem, told him what had happened and introduced him to the reps. He asked what the rep had to say about the problem and he said he was still seeing if it was the product or me. I was pissed cause he was trying to make me look bad, so I proceeded to tell my client about the rest of the yards in the neighborhood and what was what. Client says seems pretty clear cut to me and he is sure I will handle it appropriately and goes in the house. Mfg rep asks what he does for a living cause it was a nice place, I tell the truth, he is a federal judge.

    I had to produce all the application and weather records. It was at this point that I reminded him I also purchased in excess of $15000 of other products his company produces and that I had never had a complaint like this before with any company. And if he didn't come up with $1500 for this mess up I would find another chemical company for those dollars.

    Now here is where the guy I buy from came in, I turned to him said "Do I know what I am doing?"

    He said that I am one of the best he works with. I said, "will you sell me somebody else's product if this guy won't come thru?"

    He smiled, "Yes we have other products."

    I turned to the Mfg rep............"Ball is in your court, I will give you 2 days to check with the home office and get back to me, I have work to do." and I got in my truck and left them there.

    That night the sales rep called and said the mfg would be in touch, but was really mad because I backed him into a corner. I told him it was really professional of the mfg to say it was my fault to my client and I would not have done that had the mfg had been a little more professional but appreciated his backing me up.

    Next day Mfg calls and says that he will send me a check for the amount requested but I have to sign and letter agreeing to not hold them responsible for the damage. Fine, I get the letter to sign and make a few copies and sign it and get paid. Still showed it to the customers whose yards looked like ****.

    And one more thing, I didn't buy anymore of their product for 5 years.

    Whew.......long for me.....sorry. But those sales reps can help you in other ways if you know what you are doing. I guess I just don't trust their agronomy skills. They sell product, and that is what they do. I am the grass man, I know my end of the bargain.

    Thanks for reading if you took the time.
  5. Wheeeew Mike that was deep...

    I had a problem similar, but the sales rep had no qualms about replacing the product right off the bat.

    For my reps helping me out....They refer my name, unlike the big "L" who sells the product to walk ins......

    Do they help me diagnose, yes...They would be crazy not to, that's bad business.
  6. rkk95

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    The big "L" refers me all the time, in my area they don't have much time to waste with homeowner questions, and problems.

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