Does your wife run your business???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FastMan, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. FastMan

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    I've noticed a number of times in posts here guys saying they have to get clearance from their wife to purchase a new piece of equipment for their business. Is that the norm around here? For those who do need to get the OK, is your wife really qualified to make such judgements about things that affect the health, productivity, profitability and direction of the business?

    If a wife is intimately involved in the business, and is viewing the purchase decision from a pure business standpoint, then I can see her input representing a valuable resource. If that's not the case, I see the potential for problems. If she's viewing the purchase as an entity outside the business, and a rival to other places family funds could be directed, could be she doesn't have a firm grasp of the concept that the business is the source of the family funds she's concerned about. In that instance her input may not contribute to reaching an astute business decision.

    So how do you guys handle this delicate situation? Kid gloves? Iron hand? Limp wrist?
  2. JB1

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    nothing delicate here, I buy what I need whenever.
  3. MarcSmith

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    It's not that she runs the business. Its that she is intimately involved with your life. and your life directly affects her life. IE if your business fails, then it affects her, and if you spend too much money on purchases it could affect her life.

    Generally I see this as an issue when someone has not split the business account from the personal account. But when you re small you have to watch your pennies and having a second eye on the money is not a BAD thing. Remember you are looking the numbers one way IE and she may look at them a different way.
  4. Mike Blevins

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    I see it a bit differently. My wife helps me with my decisions on whatever we buy. I say we because once you say I do its not me,me,me. As far as a "business" decision on a purchase,its still spending money and its still money you have to pay back or take out of "your" account to pay for the item. Another thing to look at is more than 55% of marriages these days fail within the first 10 years. MONEY issues being one of the biggest reasons why. If I want a new piece of equipment my wife knows that I will not just go out and buy it without studying on it first. I probably run my business alot different than the next guy but my main goals are to make money,pay bills,and do things with my family. I don't let it consume me or my time like it used too. Which is another thing that will lead you down the road to divorce.If you aint milking the cow someone will milk it fo you! So to answer your question I sure do let my wife have here say when it comes to any purchases. Because she has the say on what we do when we are alone and the kids are at school! :)
  5. thewall

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    My wife looks after all the monies coming into the house,if i want new equipment i tell her what i want and generally i get the tool but she makes sure i get the best from the best,this has worked for 15 years if it ain't broke don't fix it
  6. Alan0354

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    My wife run everything!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I have to lie, scheme, plea to buy another trimmer!!!! Might have to pour sand into my crappy Troybilt mower to get a commercial one.
  7. jay317

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    That's a no no let her cook and clean because that's one of the leading causes of divorce , MONEY!!!!!!
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  8. ShooterK2

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    This thread makes me glad I'm not married........ Lol! Seriously, when I do someday get with someone, it will still be my business to run. I've gotten this far without any help.....
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  9. DJJS

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    I dont understand why some guys let their wives intimidate them out of equipment purchases. I'm not married yet but I'm engaged, we live together joint checking account all that, my fiance's pretty involved in the business but she doesnt bother me about spending money on equipment or anything like that. I'll talk to her about buying new equipment but it's not asking permission, she knows I know what I'm doing. I don't control how she does her job, she doesn't control how I do mine.
  10. trippy

    trippy LawnSite Member
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    my wife just noticed that i had purchased a new grandstand this season as its red like my old wb,,,commented that it should make my life easier,,,bless her, she never asked how much i spent for it...and thats after i purchased a used truckmount and van as i clean carpets,course the van and truckmount that i bought also made my life easier also,,,helped the guy i bought it from paid $ 31,000 for it new and i scooped it up for $7650.00,,kawi 22 hp motor-like all my toros

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